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Top 6 of Best Sublimation Ink at low price

When its time to start Sublimation printing the first thing that comes in mind is choice of best sublimation ink which gives bright colors and is water resistant. In this era of technology there is a tough competition between different brands which claims their sublimation ink is best as compared to others. So first of all we have to take a look on our demand that what we want to sublimate, then we will chose the type of sublimation ink which is better for that material.

An other important point is that the ink must be compatible with the printer as sublimation inks has the property to be compatible with printers for best results. the quantity of ink is another important factor because when we run a business we need an ink which runs for long. If the is not enough to print a large number of images then you have to refill or buy the ink in short intervals but it could be irritating to refill the ink again and again while we stop our work.

Before you buy ink, you have to check all the available inks in the market and also search out which one is really good in giving ultimate results with wonderful color tones. As sublimation totally depends on the image, so we are bound to buy ink which gives the more vivid and long lasting results.

Here in this article, we will discuss best sublimation inks which give you results of your choice, and you wouldn’t regret buying it. You can also check best sublimation printers.

Pritners Jack sublimation ink

Printers Jack 400 Ml Sublimation Ink

High quality ink which ensures best results, is suitable for almost all models of Epson printers. It delivers bright colors and sharp text which runs for long. It works great not only on light colors, but it equally gives extraordinary results for dark substrate as long as it is made up of polyester or have a layer of it.

It offers free ICC Profile and Profile and be downloaded easily from Printers Jack. It can be use on a variety of substrates: on mugs, trophies, fabric, tiles, phone case, coasters, pillows and also on a wide range of other substrates which you want to sublimate.

 Ink should be store at 65-80 F and is compatible with inkjet printers sublimation heat can not be used for direct sublimation rather you have to use sublimation heat transfer as it is compatible with all Piezo Heat printers.

You have to set the heat press machine before the process because for different substrates the time and temperature may be changed, also check our how to heat press t-shirt.

The ink will not clogged the print head in during the time of not use plus it is designed in such a way that no ink is spills out during re-filling.

Materials Compatible With Ink:


It can be used on metals like clock, plates, water bottles, flask, name plates, key chains and also on mobile phones covers.


Ceramics like tiles, mugs, coasters, ceramic plates, vase, glass and tumbler are compatible with it and yield outstanding results.


It is applicable on both cotton and polyester fabrics. Cotton fabric with 40% of polyester yields bright colors which are water resistant.


Chip boards, cutting board, photo frames, glass frames and plaque are widely used with this ink to produce mesmerizing prints.

Along it, Printers Jack is use for sublimation of CD/DVD covers.

Final Words

Printers Jack 400ml sublimation ink provides best results with bright colors and crisp text. It can be easily refilled and give you quality prints. It can be freely use in any of Epson printers and it will not clogged if not use for some time. In our recommendations it is best sublimation ink with outstanding results.

printers jack ink

Hiipo Sublimation Ink

Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

In this era of technology everyone wants some thing which surprises others. People want unique gifts for their family and friends. So they try different things to be unique and different from others. One way of uniqueness is the use of sublimation items. People use different materials for sublimation as a gift for their loved ones.

Sublimation process yields best results if you use best quality sublimation ink. Hiipoo sublimation ink is among the best sublimation inks which gives bright colors that are long lasting and do not fade after contact with water. Plus the quality of prints is outstanding. This is best ink for DIY project and also for fulfilling demands of different customers.

Hiipoo sublimation ink prints with intense colors that are vibrant and can be differentiate easily. This professionally certified water-based dye have very fine texture producing smooth image which is long lasting and do not fade with the passage of time. The ink bottle is designed simply to make refilling easy.

For best results the product has undergone multiple tests for ensuring high quality, better shades, durable and bright colors. It does not clogged the print head even if not used for long time. The product is designed so to meet today’s demand of market.

Final Words

It can be use on mugs, t-shirts, cotton shirts having more than 40% of polyester, trophies. DVD/CD covers, pillows, phone case, coasters, tumbler, quilts, cross stitched items, ceramic wares, flags, banners, and graphics printing.

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Inktec sublimation ink

INKTEC Sublimation Ink

INKTEC ink with intense colors is specially designed for desktop printers and can be use in all Epson EchoTank printers with ease. The ink gives you bright colors which are water resistant and sharp text in black.

INKTEC can print images with wide color tones, helping you to get bright color images to impress your clients and to increase your market value. The ink is best to use on polyester and fabric that is made up of polyester for water resistant prints that do not fade after multiple washings and there is no cracking of the image after some time.

The most important feature is that you do not need any syringe for re-filling the ink. The ink cap of the bottle is designed to fit on the ink tank and avoids any sort of spilling thus making it mess free. This type of refilling helps you a lot to save your time and also money by not wasting ink.

The wireless property of printer makes it easy to connect with any device for easy printing.

Suitable Materials

INKTEC can be use on different materials for providing you a wide range of printing application. You can print on t-shirts, mugs, key chains, pillow covers, trophies, graphics, banners, medals, ceramics, and many other items which you want to DIY.

Final Words

INKTEC sublimation ink is best sublimation ink for DIY and for sublimating different materials as it has wide range of application. We can say that it is worth buying this ink as it can yield a lot of prints by using small amount of ink and also mess free refiling gives you relax environment.

how to use Inktech ink
Sublijet HD ink Cartridge

SUBLIJET HD Ink Cartridges For Sawgrass Printers SG-400, SG-800

Sublijet HD ink cartridges come in the form of bundle with Sublimax sublimation papers. The paper dries instantly after printing thus it prevents any mess.

Ink cartridges are designed for Sawgrass SG-400 and SG-800 and come in four basic colors, Cyan Magenta, Yellow and Black colors. The ink has certified dry technology due to which the prints dry instantly as soon as they come from the machine so there is no fear of smudging.

These water-based inks gives you instant results with bright tones and vivid colors in no time. The colors quality is outstanding, and they do not fade even after long time washing. There is no fear of cracking of the image as the ink fuse into the fabric giving quality results.

Re-installing is also easy and there is no fear of bleeding. So you can sublimate your favorite substrate in short time period.

Compatible Materials

All the materials which are made of polyester or have polyester content can be sublimate using this ink.

Final Words

It is equally effective in light as well as dark substrates. So buy it confidently and get out standing results. This will help you to enhance your business to higher levels. These inks are specially designed to use for Sawgrass GS-400 and SG-500.

Saliner sublimation ink

SAILNER Sublimation Ink

When you start to sublimate things, its necessary to buy ink when the previous ne runs out. Choice of best sublimation ink is difficult because all the inks are not suitable for your printer especially when you are working with Epson printers.

SAILNER Sublimation Ink is one of the best sublimation ink which gives flawless results and wastes less ink. It works best with Epson printers as these are made for ECHOTANK and WORKFORCE printers. The ink is enough to sublimate up to 3000 pages in black color and 2500 color pages.

The colors of ink are bright and sublimated image is water resistant. It is transfers onto the polyester coated materials by applying heat through heat press.

Compatible Materials

All polyester-based materials including fabric, ceramic ware, tumble, mugs, glass, phone case, quilts, cushion covers and many other materials which have up to 40% of polyester content.

Final Words

SAILNER sublimation ink is designed to use in Epson Echotank and Work Force printers to give fabulous results.

L&C Sublimation ink

L&C Sublimation Ink

The most beautiful prints in short time can be achieved by using L&C Sublimation ink especially when using Epson EchoTank and Work Force printers. It is water-based dye that give outstanding results after heat press. The ink yields high number of prints in short time.

High saturated and instant dry prints are obtained by L&C Sublimation ink, and these are water resistant. It is certified Anti UV Sublimation ink which ensures high efficiency heat transfer with no fading and zero bleeding.

The ink comes with ink filling needles that re-fill ink cartridges without wasting a single drop. The ink also prevents clogging of print heads.

The wireless property of printer makes it easy to connect with any device for easy printing.

Final Words

The best ink to use in Epson printers and also anti clogging feature make it attractive to use.

opening of L&C ink


What is the difference between sublimation ink and solvent ink?

Sublimation ink is water-based ink having pigments in suspended form while solvent inks are based on oil in which ink pigments are suspended.

Are all the sublimation inks are of similar to each other?

No, every sublimation ink is different from other. You have to chose wisely depending upon your printer.

Can we use different brands of the ink at the same time

If you use different brands sublimation ink at the same time, you will not get your desired results because every brand has its specific properties and mixing ink of different brands will ruin the final results.

Which printers can be used for sublimation?

Printers that work with Piezo Heat Technology can be used for sublimation. Epson and Sawgrass printers are mainly used for the purpose.

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