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10 Best all-in-one Sublimation Printers 2022

In this time of technology everyone wants smart devices that are multifunctional, and everyone wants to complete his tasks within short time period perfectly. If you work in office you have to copy, scan and print on regular basis. For that purpose, three machines are required which covers a large area of the office and also gives crowded impression.  

Therefore, such devices are always desired which are space saving. In this regard all-in-one sublimation printers are introduced. These are best all-in-one sublimation printers which are in compact design which saves a lot of space on the desktop. These machines meet the daily demand of copy, scan and printing from the same device. If you are copying something definitely you required print of that copy.

It seems so satisfactory that you can get print of that copied document from the same machine. Additionally, flatbed scan is also provided by that machine. Auto-dual printing system of these printers saves paper and time.


Now a number of all-in-one printers are available in market. Here are a few of them are discussed which are in daily demand due to their extraordinary performance.

Canon Pixma 3620 all-in-one Sublimation Printers

canon best all-in-one sublimation printers
  • All in one printer
  • Paper tray can hold 100 sheets
  • High resolution of print and scan
  • Ink in bottle runs for long.
  • Wireless connection make printing easy
  • Compact design to fit in a desktop
  • It lacks proper function of rear feed tray.

It is one of the cheapest printers available in market that also offers wireless connections. The all-in-one sublimation printer meets your demands of copy, scanning from the same machine along the feature of printing.

The most interesting feature of the printer is its auto duplex feature. It saves time and paper both. Printing speed is also fast; almost 9.9 ipm in black and 5.7 ipm in color.

Its compact design fits it anywhere leaving space for other accessories. Resolution is 4800 ×1200 for color prints and 600 ×600 for black prints, and 600×1200 dpi for scan. The paper tray has the capacity of 100 sheets. Also it offers both wired and wireless connections allowing you to Air Print from your smart devices. The prints are of professional level and each bottle of ink prints a large volume of prints; 6000 black and 7700 color pages.


It prints in fast speed with high resolution to ensure quality prints. It can handle different types of media and give ease of printing. The best all n one ensures prints along scan and copying with fast speed enabling to complete tasks in given time.

Epson Expression Home XP-4105

epson xp 4105 all in one printer

Epson Expression XP-4105 is designed so skilfully that it can be easily fit in your home or small offices, comes in white and black color. The ink in ink cartridges is enough to print a number of papers so you can print without any disturbance.

Lcd is 2.3” for easy set up and trouble free navigation. The printss are fine and perfect with a maximum resolution of 5760 ×1440 dpi and also prints crisp text in just 23 seconds. Scanning is also very simple and easy with 1200 × 2400 dpi of scan bed. The scan images are outstanding even on a non-photographic paper and also copies in just few seconds.

It uses different media sizes including A4, A5, A6, 6 ×4” photo paper and also envelops of different sizes. It can also deals easily with paper of different thickness from 80gm office paper to 260 gm photo paper. Additionally, it offers auto-duplex printing and borderless printing.

copy feature

For copying it offers different options, from copy or restores photo to ID card book copy and borderless copy features. All these have specific settings for making the scan easy even for new users.

You can easily connect smart devices to the printer through Wi-Fi connection and can print a variety of images just by clicking from mobile or laptops.

  • High resolution of print up to 5760 ×1440 dpi.
  • Scan bed resolution is up to 1200 × 2400 dpi.
  • Auto-duplex printing saves a lot of time.
  • Auto-double sided printing saves 50% of paper.
  • Wireless connection is available for easy connection with smart devices.
  • It works great with different media sizes and different thicknesses.
  • The printer may lose Wi-Fi connection after sleep mode.
  • It requires extra care during settings.
  • Ink runs out quickly.


Prints at fast speed leaving no regret of buying it. The print quality is also of professional level and easy set up for initializing the printer. First the Wi-Fi connection created issues but with tech support issue can be resolved. It is a best printer for small home-office.

Canon TR-8620 all-in-one Sublimation Printer

canon tr-8620

All-in-one sublimation printers allow you to scan, copy, fax or print from the same device. If you have Canon TR-8620 you don’t need to buy any scanner. This device performs all the functions for you. It is the printer with flatbed scan having automatic document feeder which saves a lot of your time. It can scan single pdf file and also jpeg.

The printer has five ink cartridges(black, yellow, magenta, black and pigmented black ink. The LCD is of the size of 4.3” with auto-duplex printing. The media size is 8.5” and it can also print borderless photos. It prints at high speed; black and white photo 15 ppm and 9.9 images in color.

wi-fi connection

The image quality is excellent with resolution of 4800 ×2400 dpi. The images are finely detailed especially photos on glossy paper are printed brilliant and at a high speed. The images it prints are sharply described with natural effects and vivid colors.

It can be connected through USB port and so wireless connections are there. So connecting and printing from the printer becomes very easy.

  • LCD is 4.3” for navigation.
  • Auto document feeder and auto duplex printing is also there to save time.
  • Wireless connections make printing very easy.
  • Images with bright colors are printed at considerably high speed.
  • Five ink cartridges are present; pigmented black cartridge is exceptional.
  • It will not allow auto-duplex scanning.
  • When printing is start, it took extra time for the printing of first page.
  • The ink in black cartridge runs our very quickly.


The default setting is very good and functional right after the printer is turned on. sharp black prints and shiny color prints are very attractive. Large size touch panel makes operating the printer very easy. Scanning is also very impressive, the printer asks for the type of document either Pdfs or JPG and this seems very cool feature. But the printer stops working if it is heat up and you have to wait for it to become operational again.

Epson WorkForce WF-2860 all-in-one Sublimation Printer

EPSON wf-2860

The all-in-one inkjet sublimation printer powered by Precision Core Technology is best to use at home or small office. The compact space saving design makes it ideal printer to use in office.

It uses Claria ink which enhance the print quality up to laser level. The prints are very bright with a clear contrast of colors and shades, also gives crisp text of professional level proposals. The ink cartridges are very easy to replace when any cartridge runs out of ink. The printing speed is very fast; 14 ISO ppm in black and 7.5 ISO ppm in color.

epson wf-2860

The paper tray has the capacity of 150 sheets. It has auto document feeder of 30 sheets capacity which saves time during printing and works efficiently for copying and scanning. The LCD color touch screen is 2.4” which helps a lot for easy navigation and control of the printer. The media size is 8.5× 11”.

The auto double sided printing allows you to save time and also saves up to 50% of the paper so saves your money. It offers Wi-Fi, Ethernet, NFC and Wi-Fi connections to easily connect with the smart devices allowing you to air print your favourite images. The printer consumes up to 80% less energy as compared to any laser printer.

Epson WF-2860 provides you high quality results and powerful performance.

  • With productivity features it provides high quality results.
  • It offers all-in-one features of scan, copy and print.
  • Paper tray hs tha capacity of 150 sheets.
  • Auto document feeder and auto duplex printing is also available.
  • It accepts media of size up to 8.5× 11”.

The scan and fax functions create problem.

You have to buy ink as the ink runs out quickly, disturbs your budget.


Best all in one printer with easy setup and amazing tech support. There is no problem while adding ink and starting sublimation. the printer performs its functions quite impressively and with fast speed. It is also recommended by experts if you are running a small home business and want best all in one printer. Compact printer with reasonable price.

HP officeJet Pro-7740

HP PRO-7740

Wide format printer with all-in-one features is the best deal to set on your desktop. Auto-duplex printing provides you the ease of printing as you have to stay at your place with continuous prints.

This saves paper up to 50% and also saves money as it consumes less paper as compared to any other printer. It accepts media size up to 11 ×17”. The ADF makes printing easy.

The print results are awesome and is cheap as compared to laser printing, fast printing speed as 22 ppm in black. It has two trays with the capacity of 500 sheets with each tray has 250-sheets to deal the high-volume printing in office.

hp pro 7740

HP Smart app helps to easily set up the printer and scan from the printer just by one click adjusting toner and print through i-cloud, Dropbox, and Google drive. It allows to print, scan or copy on different media size from 3 ×5 to 11 ×17”. The colour touch screen allows you to navigate and chose easily

HP OfficeJet Pro-7740 uses original HP 952 and HP 953XL for brilliant results of printing and continue to print a volume of pages without any interruption. HP Original ink lasts 2 times longer than any ordinary re-fillable cartridges.

It is ideal printer for the professional who have to print a number of pages at high speed with outstanding quality of documents with borderless printing. The printer comes with a warranty of one year.

  • It saves 50% od paper as its auto-duplex printer.
  • ADF feature saves time.
  • It supports different media sizes.
  • It uses Original HP innk for better results.
  • HP Smart App helps to setup and connect with smart devices easily.
  • It works best before you need to replace ink cartridge.
  • On large format print quality is not very impressive.


A printer with low price is just suitable for home business and for small offices which is capable of printing scanning and copying both clack and color pages. The prints are also very bright and it can scan large media sizes for convenience. It has very easy set up and it starts working right after you unbox it. It can also copy double sides and can be connected to google through the cloud, thus allowing you to print without Wi-Fi connection.

HP OfficeJet Pro-8025e all in one wireless Printer

HP Office Jet Pro-8025 is designed to meet all your demands of copying, scanning and printing just from the same device. This printer is ideal for use in small home office and prints a large number of prints in short time so saves your time.

HP PRO 8025

The prints are comparable to laser prints thus saves energy. It prints professional level images, posters, reports, presentations, and banners. Print media size is 3 ×5” to 8.5 ×14”.

 HP+ makes the printer smart as you can connect any of your device with it by wireless connection and can print your wanted images just by one click.

After buying a printer of reasonable price it is the price of ink which disturbs the whole budget. HP offers Instant Ink free for 6 months with HP+, one month ink is capable of printing 700 pages. You don’t need to demand the ink. It will ship to you automatically. After 6 months ink fee will be applied until you will cancel this deal. Due to this feature, you can save up to 50% of the ink.

It prints, scans, copy and fax in small time interval thus saves your time; it prints 20 black pages and 10 color pages in a minute. Auto-dual sided printing is another interesting key feature. ADF is also available. It is the best printer for home business and small offices.

  • ADF is available.
  • Auto-dual sided printing saves time and paper.
  • Free ink with HP+ for six months, ink is enough to print 700 pages a month.
  • Wireless setup is easy to install.
  • You don’t need to sign up HP+ for setup. It is a best printer for home business or small office with all-in-one feature.
  • Scanner speed is slow.
  • It uses only HP ink.
  • Printer tray does not support large media.

Epson WorkForce Pro-3820 InkJet Printer

epson work force 3820

Epson WorkForce Pro-3820 is powered by PrecisionCore Heat Free Technology which ensures fast printing with 21 black and 11 color ISO ppm with high speed page out of first page. The inks are DuraBrite Ultra Instant dry pigmented ink which ensures extra fine quality of prints with precise dot placement. It prints on standard size papers and prints quality is exceptional.

The printing speed is high, and prints are long lasting meeting the demand to high volume prints in time. The printer has the ability of auto duplex printing and auto document feeder with 35 sheets capacity. The two trays have the capacity of 250 sheets each, so you don’t need to pause your work to re-feed the tray.

paper tray

Epson Smart APP Panel helps you to connect with your mobiles easily. The wireless set up is very easy with mobile or Bluetooth Low Energy. It also offers Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet connections.

Epson ScanSmart ensures scan of high quality with ease. If you are running a small home business but you have to print, scan, fax and copy then this printer is best for you.

  • Powered by PrecisionCore Heat Technology for best prints.
  • Paper tray has the capacity of 500 sheets.
  • Easy Wi-Fi set up.
  • Auto document feeder is also available.
  • It uses DuraBrite Ultra Pigment ink to ensures best results.
  • Epson Smart APP helps to connect with mobile devices easily.
  • Scanner does not work properly.
  • Paper feed quality is not good.
  • Print quality is not very impressive.


It has built in fax machine and also supports auto duplex printing. It has very easy set up and can be connected to Mac and iPhone easily allowing you to print desired designs. The all in one feature is interesting as a single machine gives all the required functions providing ease of use. For running small business and also home business where you need all the machines, this all in one machine provides you all the necessary functions from the single machine.

Epson EchoTank ET-3850

Epson et-3850

The best printer to start a small business with a low-cost price. Unlike other printers it uses ink tanks. The ink tanks are pretty large having enough ink to run for two years. Additionally, the ink tanks are designed in such a way that makes re-filling very easy without spilling a single drop of ink.

The ink in ink tanks runs till the last drop and prints a large number of papers; 7500 black pages and 6000 color pages which is equal to 90 ink cartridges. So, it saves up to 90% of ink as compared to ink cartridges.

epson ET-3850

Epson EchoTank uses unique PrecisionCore Heat Free Technology and pigmented black ink which ensures prints with sharp colors and excellent graphics and images of high resolution on any kind of paper, and of any size from 3.5” ×5” upto 8.5” ×14”.

Auto- doble sided printing, ADF and paper tray of capacity 250 sheets make it attractive to use especially for home business and for small offices as it yields high volume prints in short time.

It has flatbed scanner with auto document feeder for easy documents scans. The scanner allows you to save your documents as pdf as it has built in OCR Technology. The speed of auto document feeder is slow, but it is ok for home use. The ADF also lacks auto-duplex scanning, so you have to flip the paper every time.

The color display screen is 2.4”,the printer has Ethernet and wireless connection. Voice activation is another feature. Epson Smart Panel APP allows you tension free printing.

  • It uses ink tanks which runs for long time.
  • Scan has the OCR technology which helps to save documents as Pdfs.
  • Auto duplex printing is available to save paper.
  • Ideal for home use where you have no big deals.
  • Hands free voice activated printing along with wired and wireless connections. It works best only using Epson inks
  • ADF lacks the auto- duplex scanning.
  • The speed of ADF is slow; 3ppm.
  • Due to low ADF speed, it is not suitable for office use where you have to scan a number of documents in short time.
  • Printer may cease working if you use third party inks.


Very easy to start printing from the printer, just by following the start up instructions. The print quality is also amazing and long lasting with bright colors. Ink re-filling is also very easy leaving no mess. The wireless feature is also amazing. The front and back printing is fully automatic. I like this printer as per its performance of all the functions.

Epsoon EchoTank ET-4850

epson et-4850

After buying a printe in reasonable price, tiny ink cartridges run out very soon after printing just few pages. You have to buy new ones to carry on your work. After buying a printer of cheap price you  have to pay a lot for inks which is very frustrating.

Epson EchoTank ET-4850 powered by PrecisionCore Heat Free Technology gives you cartridge free printing. It uses ink tanks which are large enough to have ink which can lasts for up to two years. The ink is enough to print 7500 black pages and 6000 color pages. The all-in-one printer provides you printing, copy, scan and fax from the same device.

Re-filling of ink is very simple and spill free. The ink tanks are designed so skilfully that makes wastage of ink nearly zero. This ensures zero cartridge waster and saves up to 90% of ink as compared to cartridge. The prints are of high quality with sharp text documents and bright colors as the printer has resolution 4800 ×2400 dpi

touch screen of epson et-4850

Along with the printing the printer can copy and scan of high resolution. It can print different media size 3.5 ×5” up to 8.5 ×14” including A4 and A6 papers. Color touch screen of 2.4” ensures easy copying of documents and control of the printer.

It can print a high volume of papers in just short time by the features of auto-double sided printing. Printer has auto document feeder for high resolution scan and the front tray having the capacity of 250 sheets.

epson et-4850

 Advance feature of hands-free voice activation is an addition to wireless connections. Ethernet and USB connections are also available to connect with computer. These features make printing very easy.

  • It is powered by PrecisionCore Heat Free Technology which ensures bright prints with fine colors and crisp text.
  • The printer can work on different sizes of media paper.
  • The front tray has the capacity of 250 sheets with auto double-sided printing.
  • The scans are of high resolution.
  • The ADF lacks auto-dual scan.
  • It works best only with Epson inks.
  • The size of color display screen is small.


In office where we have to print a lot of papers per day, the ink can not lasts longer and we have to re-fill it. But this printer is amazing as it prints a lot of papers and not consumed even 1/3 of the ink. This is the most amazing feature as re-filling and buying of the ink is very annoying when you have to complete your tasks in short time. As the size of scan bed is not appropriate so it creates problem during the work. it has fax plug in and also copy but it lacks ADF. But is saves alot of time and space being all in one printer.

Canon G-3200 All-in-One SuperTank Printer

canon pixma g-3200

The all-inn-one printer is designed specially for printing, copy, scan and fax. This compact design is very suitable for your desktop. This is the ideal printer for office use as it can print a large number of prints with high resolution of 4800 ×2400 dpi and different media sizes from 4 ×6” up to 3.13 ×9”.

Canon Pixma G-3200 uses integrated ink system instead of ink cartridges and saves 30% of the ink as compared to ink cartridges. The ink tanks are placed Infront of the printer so you will notice when the ink is running out. The pigment black ink delivers images with bright colors and crisp text. It prints at high speed; 8.8 ipm in black and 5 ipm in color.

canon pixma g-3200

The ink tanks are air tight prevents the ink from drying out. The print heads are in color,white and black, seems like cartridges but there is no cartridge infact.

Canon Pixma G-3200 also prints borderless prints od size 4 ×6” to 8.5 ×14”. USB connection is available along the built in Wi-Fi system to connect with smart devices to print desired pritns. It also supports Google Cloud Print and Canon Print APP.

 Flatbed Scan is available to scan up to 8.5 ×11” with a resolution of 1200 ×600 dpi. It also copies in short time interval of 23 seconds to copy a document and can yield 21 copies at one time even not using computer. It has auto on/off button to customize energy consumption.

  • The edge-to-edge print is outstanding feature.
  • The prints are of high quality.
  • Google Air Print and Canon Print APP is available to connect with smart devices.
  • Prints at high resolution of 4800 ×2400 dpi.
  • Scan resolution is 1200 ×600 dpi.
  • It can print and scan at different media sizes.
  • The printer can yield 21 copies at one time.
  • Ink tanks are of large sizes ensures to print 7000 color and 6500 black pages.
  • The setup is difficult to install and start for newbie.
  • Air Print creates issues during printing.
  • Air bubbles may induce in ink supply tank and create problem in printing.


Great printer with awesome prints at high speed. It printed over 300 images out of which only a few smudged, The edge to edge printing is also very impressive. It is amazing printer with cheap replacement ink prices. It an print DVD covers easily and helps you a lot in enhancing your business.

Final words for Best all-in-one Sublimation Printers

Here is a review of some of best all-in-one sublimation printers that are testes and trusted. These machines perform their work very well but there are pros and cons of every printer. if a printer is very good in one feature, it may not be that perfect in performing other functions. Now its up to you to search and find a suitable printer according to your requirements.

In our opinion Epson printers are best printers in performing all-in-one functions as compared to other printers. they are cheap in price and ink runs longer, printing a large number of pages and offering flatbed scans of high resolution. Epson WorkForce Pro-3820, Epson EchoTank ET-3850, and EchoTank ET-4850 use ink tanks instead of ink cartridges. the ink in these ink tanks runs for long ensuring a large number of prints and making these printers a best choice for all. Have a look at best sublimation printers in 2022, best wide format printers and also best sublimation printers for beginners.

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