12 Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer

Sublimation is the process in which dye ink is used. The term sublimation means to change into solid state from gaseous state without being converted into liquid state. In sublimation printing the desired image is first printed on to special paper called transfer paper by the sublimation printer. Here we will discuss best sublimation printers for heat transfer.

The substrate which is to be sublimated is flatten on the platen of the heat press and thus specific heat and pressure is applied to convert the image from transfer paper to the substrate.

There is a variety of substrate like mugs, t-shirts, coasters, hats, bags, tote bag, key chains,  sports goods, fabric, ceramic tiles and much more which you can sublimate by using sublimation printers and heat transfer presses. You can customize your desired shirts into your favorite design. The images that are transferred through heat press are long lasting and can go through multiple washes without being faded.

As the ink infuses into the fabric so there is no change on the surface of the substrate. The ink makes strong bonding with the molecules of the substrate. This is why the images or posters made by this methods are long lasting. You can also check best sublimation printers in 2022 and How to heat press t-shirt.


Sawgrass SG-500 all-in-one Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer

The best printer with high resolution fits at desktop is widely used for heat transfer. It can print a variety of item which are made of polyester or have a rigid coating of polyester. It is best printer which sublimate a lot of products as compared to other printers available in the market.

sublimation printers for heat transfer

The printer uses dye inks which are very easy to use on different fabrics. Moreover, the high resolution of 4800 ×2400 produce images with bright colors and fine quality. The most interesting part of the printer is that it is compatible with its processor SG-400.

It is similar to SG-400 in shape with more advanced technology. You can also use the by-pass tray of SG-400 and also many other accessories. This feature makes it more attractive for the buyers who have accessories of SG-400.

This printer offers free online Print Manager Software for designing your own unique and different designs. The print manager also works great with Creative studio and Adobe. So it offers different color pallets for different substrates where color palette can be customized according to the size of the media.

This also offers automatic maintenance to avoid any sort of disturbance providing you professional level prints at a low cost. The built-in Wi-Fi connection is another feature of the printer to print any image from the smart device.

It can print media size of 8.5 ×14”  on a variety of polymers. The printer comes with Sublijet ink of 4-colors which prints images of bright colors with vivid shades. The ink prints equally great images either its polyester or vinyl, soft or hard substrate.

The printer comes with a warranty of 2 years and 24 hours assistance.

  • Free software for unique designs
  • High resolution images
  • Compatible with the predecessor to use its accessories
  • Consumes less energy as compared to other printers.
  • Compact size to fit for any desktop
  • Offers Wi-Fi connections making printing easy and saving time.
  • The ink used is expensive

our words

Sawgrass is a brand which makes printers specially for sublimation. So if you want to buy best Sublimation printer for heat transfer, Sawgrass SG-500 is for you to enhance your business by improving your printing quality in reasonable price.

EPSON ET-2760 Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer

When you are is search of a printer that is fast, print with outstanding colors, have high resolution and cheap in price, Epson is the name of trust. Epson ET-2760 is among of the best sublimation printers for heat transfer.

echo tank 2760

EchoTank is the printer that is cartridge free printer using ink tanks. The ink tanks are large enough to store a reasonable amount of ink. The ink in tanks is enough to run for 2 years. Ink tanks are designed to avoid any wastage of ink, re-filling is very easy without spilling a single drop of ink. Ink tanks save up to 90% of the ink as it print 7500 black and 6000 color images which is equivalent to 90 ink cartridges. thus ink tanks ensure zero cartridge waste.

The printer prints images of high resolution in short time providing professional level photos and posters. Auto-duplex printing makes the process very easy as there is no wastage of time and paper. The flatbed scanner is also of high resolution. The color display is for easy navigation and controlling the printer. Et-2760 also offers facility of fax.

The printer is powered by Precision Core Heat-Free Technology and uses Claria ET ink which ensures sharp prints in vivid colors and also black and white crisp text.

  • Powered by Precision Core Heat Free Technology.
  • Auto dual sided printing.
  • High resolution images.
  • Ink cartridges are replaced with ink tanks.
  • Ink in ink tanks is enough for 2 years.
  • High resolution flatbed scanner and fax.
  • Auto dual sided scanner is not available.
  • Software may ask for updating after few days.

Our words

Epson EchoTank ET-2760 is best printer for new to sublimation. the printer is low in price but high in performance. Its cartridge free system allows to print a lot of papers without any fear. Re-filling is also very easy and economical. We recommend it strongly if you want a printer which prints high resolution images in short time.

Epson Premium EchoTank-2803

Epson Premium ET-2803 is cartridge free printer with ink tanks. The ink tanks are large and can store a large amount of ink as compared to ink cartridges.This feature makes it attractive because replacing of ink cartridge after some time is a annoying process.


Moreover, the ink tanks are designed in such a way that re-filling cause no wastage of the ink, ink bottles fit into it hence leaving zero ink wastage.

re=filling ink tanks

It can accept different media sizes (4×6” 5×7”) and envelops and photo papers. The display screen is colored and 1.44”. the printer prints at very high speed of 10 ISO ppm providing the bright colors and the colors are long lasting. The photos are of high resolution of 5760 ×1440 dpi which ensures professional level photos.

It can easily adjust on your desktop due to its compact size leaving place for other accessories. The printer is ideal to use in offices as well small home business.

It offers both wired and wireless connection to make printing easy and accessible. Now you can command the printer through Alexa. This handsfree feature is very easy and attractive.

The flatbed scanner scan photos of fine quality. The printer can also fax. So this all-in-one printer becomes essential item for all, either they are working in office or running home business or students who have to print often.

  • Ink tanks are used which saves a lot of ink.
  • High resolution prints outstanding images.
  • 1.44″ Color display for navigation.
  • Flat bed scanner of high resolution
  • Auto double sided scan is not available.
  • Print at high speed; 10 ISO ppm
  • Accepts different media sizes
  • It may cause problem while connecting to smart devices.
  • Flat bed scanner do not support auto dual side printing.

Our words

Epson ET-2803 has ink tanks in place of ink cartridges to save up to 80% of the ink. the high printing speed allows you to fulfill your order in given time with images of high resolution. It also scans at high speed allowing all-in-one performance from the single machine. This printer is for you if you have multi tasks to complete within time.

Epson EchoTank ET-8500

The all-in-one printer offers scan, copy and print from the same device. The cartridges are replaced with ink tanks thus saving a lot of ink. Epson EchoFit design ensures re-filling of ink without wasting a single drop of ink.

Epson 8500 sublimation printer for heat transfer

This wide format printer can print different size media and also offer borderless printing up to 8.5” ×11”. Using Epson’s accuracy printhead and Claria inks of 6-colors, the print results are awesome. The printing image is of professional level and is comparable to the laser printer consuming less amount of energy as compared to laser printer.

It prints at very high speed; it prints 4 ×6” in just 15 seconds. It can print media of different thickness up to 1.3mm thick and CD/DVD and cardstocks. Ass the size of ink tank is large so it can print a large number of images and saves up to 80% of low cast ink replacement. The ink tanks are designed in such a way that re-filling causes no problem.

Touch screen is 4.3” with color display that makes navigation very easy. Epson Smart Panel App helps you to connect with smart devices and scan, copy or print your documents without any trouble. The printer comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Auto-double side printing also saves 50% of paper and also time. You don’t have to go again and again for flipping the paper. Voice activated feature has now made printing very easy and hustle free. You just command from your device anywhere and any time and you get outstanding results especially in the printing area.

  • 4.3”color display for controlling and printing the image.
  • Auto document feeder for scan helps non stop scan and copy.
  • Voice activated Alexa is available for hands free printing.
  • Dual sided printing helps to minimize the consumption of paper.
  • 6-color Claria ink is used for clear and bright prints.
  • It also works well with media of different thickness.
  • Setup may cause problems.
  • A little slow printer as compared to others.

Our Words

Large display screen helps to command the printer easily along with the voice activated feature. The hands free activation allows you to print in bulk just by commanding while busy in some other activity. 6-Color ink gives bright prints on media of different sizes. If you have to print a lot this printer is for you because it prints from both sides saving paper up to 50%.

Epson EchoTank ET-2800

Epason new printers are now available with an innovation. The use of ink cartridges is now replaced with ink tanks. The ink tanks can be re-fill easy as the bottles are designed in such way that fit to the ink tanks. This feature prevents spilling of ink so zero ink wastage.

epson et-2800

Additionally, ink is capable of printing 4500 black and 7500 color pages which is equal to 90 individual ink cartridges so you can save up to 90% of ink. Ink in bottles is enough to run for 2 years so you are tension free for re-filling the ink again and again. The print quality is also outstanding, giving you vibrant colors with professional level quality.

Replacement of ink tank with ink cartridges results in zero cartridge waste which is a big saving, both on environment and also on budget. Also, Epson printers use genuine quality Epson ink for providing best results. If you use any third-party ink, you will not get required results and ink may affect the printer’s performance.

The most interesting feature is the use of Unique Micro Piezo Heat-Free technology for best printing of text and yielding prints of fine quality on any type of paper.

The flatbed scanner is built-in and also offers copy feature. The scanned images are of best quality because of the high resolution of scanner. The touch screen is colored and provide you easy access to the setup.

Built in Wi-Fi and hands-free Alexa command makes it everyone’s choice as you can print anywhere anytime just by connecting your smart devices. USB port and Ethernet are also available to connect to your computer. Epson offers Smart Panel App for easy access to your smart phones.

  • Micro Piezo Heat-Free technology gives extra ordinary results.
  • Ink cartridges are replaced with ink tanks.
  • Ink is enough to print 4500 black and 7500 color pages which is equal to 90 individual nk cartridges.
  • Wi-Fi and voice activated feature is more interesting.
  • Epson offers Smart Panel App for easy connection with smart devices.
  • Setup is easy to install.
  • It creates issues while connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • It works only with genuine Epson inks.


The setup is very easy to install and can be connected wirelessly easily. The good feature is the replacement of ink tanks with ink cartridges to save ink. After connecting wirelessly with Android phones customization of the shirts become very easy. the scanning and copying experience is also outstanding without any flaw. In short we can recommend it as best small all-in-one sublimation printer, the best partner of your business.

Epson WorkForce WF-3720

Powered by Precision Core Technology the new Epson printer is compact in size to fit in desktop. It uses only ink cartridge of genuine Epson and prints outstanding images. Cartridges are compact in design, easy to install and can be re-filled.

epson work force sublimation printer

The printing speed is also comparable to laser printers, but it saves a lot of energy as compared to the laser printer. Use of ink is also 30% less as compared to laser printer thus it is budget friendly printer. The media size is 8×10” and also works on letters and legal size paper sheets.

It can print 20 ISO ppm in black and 10 ISO ppm in color, which is outstanding. So, it is best to use when you have to print a lot of documents and have not enough time for it. Epson WorkForce WF-3720 is a wise choice for printing excellent quality images in short time to meet daily demands.

It has introduce a new Dash Replenishment feature which monitor the level of ink in your printer when you activate it. Dash Replenishment order your ink automatically when it notices the level of ink is getting low. So this makes you stress free as you don’t need to check the ink in cartridges again and again.

The system is easy to setup and connection with wired and wireless using your smart devices. Voice activation feature is also available which ensures handsfree printing from your mobile phones anywhere and anytime.

  • It is powered by Precision Core Technology to ensure best results in printing.
  • Prints at fast speed; 10 ISO ppm in color and 20 ISO ppm in black.
  • Activated Dash Replenishment feature monitor the level of ink in ink tanks.
  • It is easy to connect with Wi-Fi for convenient printing.
  • Re-filling of cartridges causes problems.
  • Ink costs is very high.
  • It does not work with third party inks.


This printer is eligible for heavy use and can scan Pdfs in short time. Dash Replenish feature is an interesting quality which maintains the level of ink. The compact size of the printers saves alot of space. The most interesting thing is the dual side printing which like the most with super fast printing speed.

Epson Stylus C88+ Inkjet Printer

If you are searching for a printer which is cost friendly, prints good quality images in short time and nest sublimation printer for heat transfer then Epson Stylus C88+ is the right choice. It is a best printer for office use as well as for running small home business. It works with different media sizes and it comes with input tray of 120 sheets.

epson stylus c88

The DuraBright ink ensures the quality images that are long lasting and do not fade after long time and work heat for heat transfer. Epson Stylus C88 can be easily converted into sublimation printer just by changing the ink type and then it is ready to deal with different media sizes up to 44 long and 8.5” wide banners.

The prints are bright in colors and are fine quality because it has high resolution of 5770×1440 dpi. It can print 25ppm which are color prints and not affected by water.

epson inkjet printer

In terms of connectivity, it lacks Wi-Fi connection. So, there is no wireless connection is available to connect with the smart devices. You have to connect your computer through wired connection to print your desired image. But this does not make a difference when you have to print quality images. It is the choice of many professionals who want to achieve great results while spending less.

  • DuraBright Ultra pigment ink provides outstanding results.
  • The input tray has the capacity of 120 sheets.
  • It has high resolution of 5770×1440 dpi.
  • It can print 25 ppm of black color and 14 ppm in color.
  • It can handle media up to 44” long and 8.5” wide.
  • It is compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • Replacing of ink again and again affects the budget.
  • It does not offer wireless connections.
  • It may cause problems while printing wide format printers.

Our words

Epson Stylus C88 is a best printer for those who are running small or home business. It gives professional level prints and also printing speed is very high to meet daily demands. The prints are bright, durable and water resistant. It can be converted into sublimation printer easily to print customized shirts. It can deal with different media sizes and materials giving outstanding results.

Canon Pixma G-6020 MegaTank Inkjet Printer

Canon is a well-known brand in the world of digital cameras. Canon’s digital cameras are used globally, and everyone trusts on the functioning of Canon digital cameras. After cameras Canon is now making a name in the world of printers. The printers are compact in design and are space saving providing you with the best of printer.

Canon Pixma G-6020 Mega tank all-in-one printer comes with a bundle of inks and two bonus black inks thus it saves a lot of money by not spending on buying the ink. The mega tanks have 30 times more capacity for inks as compared to any ink jet printer thus it offers you nonstop printing for long time without the fear of running out ink.

It can deal with different media sizes and can print 8.5” ×11” letter size paper and also borderless printing of 3.5” ×3.5”.

Canon Pixma G-6020 uses two types of inks: dye bas inks and pigment bas inks. The pigment base ink ensures the long lasting and waterproof black text prints while dye bas ink ensures you the bright and vibrant colors. The ink in ink cartridges is enough to yield 6000 black and 7500 color pages prints.

ink re-filling in printer

 The printer comes with both wired and wireless connections. The printer has installed and enabled IFFTTT Applet which requires an account to be activated and connect to Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Centre.

  • Megatank saves a lot of money on buying ink again and again.
  • Ink is enough to yield 6000 black and 7500 color pages.
  • It can print media of 8.5” ×11” letter size paper and borderless printing of 3.5” ×3.5”.
  • Installed IFFTTT Applet to be activated for working wirelessly.
  • Voice command is available.
  • It use both pigmented and dye-base inks for best results.
  • The printer comes with an extra set of inks plus two bonus black inks.
  • Control panel is dark in color makes it difficult to watch.
  • Very little information about set up.
  • Printer shuts off automatically because of the installed Energy Saving button.

HP Smart-Tank 7001 all-in-one Ink Tank Printer

f you are going to run a family business and want an all-in-one printer in reasonable price and is best sublimation printer for heat transfer then this printer is for you. It can print, copy, and scan for you. the printing speed of the printer is high: 15 ppm in black and 9 ppm in color. This feature helps you a lot in printing high volume of prints in vibrant colors along with crisp text.


The printer is cartridge free using ink tanks. The ink in box is enough to print 8000 color and 6000 black pages. Thus, you will get high volumes of printing at a low cost with the ink that is sufficient for two years. The re-filling is also very easy, you have to just put the ink bottle on to the ink tank in right position and then forget about the spilling of the ink. The ink automatically stops when once the ink tank is full of ink.

HP Smart Tank-7001 offers auto double-sided printing which save time and money. It can print on different media sizes, 4×6, 5×7 and 8.5 11 inches papers sheets providing vibrant coloured graphics and crisp text and photos of beyond quality results. The front tray hs the capacity of 250 sheets.

hp smart tank

Self-healing dual band Wi-Fi detects the nearby devices and resolve any issue with connectivity. You can easily scan, print and copy when you install HP Smart APP to connect all of your smart devices with printer.

 There are guide buttons on the front side of the printer that guide you how to operate the printer. Overall, all the features of the printer make it very attractive for family use and also for heat press printing.

  • Auto double-sided printing
  • Self-Healing Wi-Fi for auto detection
  • All-in-one printer for heat transfer
  • Deal with multiple media sizes
  • Scans in high resolution
  • Ink in bottles is enough for two years and can print 8000 colour and 6000 black pages
  • Prints at high speed; 15 ppm in black and 9 ppm in colour.
  • Front tray has the capacity of 250 sheets.
  • It works only with HP inks.
  • It will not work for fax.
  • Connection with Wi-Fi is difficult.

Epson Work Force WF-7210

The wide format all-in-one printer is powered by Precision Core Technology. Epson Work Force-7210 prints different colour prints with easy colour in bright and crisp text printing at a reasonable price.

Epson wf-7210

The high-quality prints are comparable to any laser printer and saves up to 80% of the energy. Thus, you can get laser quality prints at minimum cost. The ink cartridges that are used in the printer are genuine Epson Ink Cartridge. Use of any other cartridge may damage the print quality and also the performance of the printer. There fore it is strongly recommended to use Epson Ink cartridges.

The printer has the feature of Dash Replenishment which once activated, track the ink level in the cartridges and orders new ink before the stock runs out. So you can print high volumes of prints tension free.

The wide format Epson Work Force-7210 can print media up to 13 ×19” and also offers auto-dual printing saving your time and paper up to 50%. There are both connections available wired and wireless along with USB portal. So, you can connect your mobiles and laptops easily. This offers a wide range of printing options making it more attractive for the user.

  • Powered by Precision Core Technology.
  • Wide format printer can print media up to 13 ×19.
  • Dash Replenishment feature monitors the level of ink.
  • Auto dual printing saves paper and time.
  • Prints are of high quality that are comparable to the laser prints.
  • Saves 80% of the energy as compared to laser printer.
  • It lacks flatbed scanner.
  • Ink cost disturbs the whole budget.

Epson Work Force Pro WF-7820

Epson Work Force Pro WF-7820 is powered by Precision Core Heat Free Technology that is specialised to print at high speed of 25 black and 12 color pages. It prints wide format prints up to 13 ×19 of bright colors. Innovative Heat Free Technology is used to minimize the printing time and provide prints that are vibrant in colors.

Epson 7820

 Only genuine Epson ink cartridges are used in the printer and any third-party cartridge may damage the printer’s performance. Especial DURABrite Ultra instant dry pigment ink is used to get accuracy in dot placement and precision in printing.

It can print, scan, fax and copy along the dual-side printing. The front tray has the capacity of 250 sheets with ADF OF 50 sheets and a color display screen of 4.3”. Epson offers Epson Smart Panel App for easy connections. Both wired and wireless connections are available along Epson ScanSmart, that offers scanning and editing without any problem. Also, the printer comes with the voice command feature. So, you can control your printer any where and anytime for printing your desired prints. It has the warranty of two years.

epson 7820
  • Heat Free Technology is used for best printing.
  • DURABrite Ultra Instant ink is used to get accuracy on dot placement.
  • ADF is available with 50-sheets capacity.
  • Epson Smart Panel App is used for easy connections.
  • It is a wide format printer up to 13 ×19.
  • Auto double-sided printing is available. Front tray with 250 sheets capacity.
  • Ink cartridges are costly.
  • The print head may clogged after use.               
  • There are alignment issues when you setup the printer.

Epson Work Force WF-7720

The best all-in-one printer that can copy, scan and print the wide format is Epson Work Force WF-7720. Epson printers are best printers for heat transfer. This printer is new version and up graded form of Epson WF-7710 so it has many features similar to WF-7710.

Like other Epson printers, it is powered by Precision Core Heat Free Technology that ensures best results in high printing volume in short time. The prints are comparable to the prints of laser printer, and these saves up to 80% of energy as compared to that of laser printer.

It has double sided printing feature along scan, copy and fax. The double trays have the capacity of 500 sheets, 250 sheets each, an ADF OF 33 sheets and Rear Feed Tray for specialty paper. Epson printers use only Epson inks the use of other inks may create problem in printing and also not covered by the warranty of Epson Ltd.

The prints are of professional level and different size of media can be printed up to 13 ×19” and also support borderless printing. It can also scan large size sheets up to 11”×17” and with the help of auto document feeder saves time.

Touch color display is the size of 4.3” for easy navigation and control of the printer. Wireless connections helps to connect with iPad, smart phones, tabs and laptops easily along Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet and NFC. The printer has the warranty of two years.

  • Saves energy up to 80% as compared to laser printer.
  • It prints professional level prints at high speed.
  •  The workforce offers borderless printing.
  • Wide format printer can print up to 13 ×19”.
  • It can also scan large size sheets of 11”×17”.
  • Dual tray has the capacity of 500 sheets and Rear feed tray for specialty paper.
  • Wired and wireless both connections are available.
  • It consumes lots of ink.
  • Media types for borderless printing are limited.
  • The printer heads clogged very soon after printing.


Epson WorkForce series WF-7210, WF-7820 and WF-7720 are powered by Precision Core Technology to ensure quality prints. These printers are specialized in printing high volume of papers in given time while maintain the quality of prints and bright colors of the prints. The prints are comparable to the laser prints saving 80% of the energy. In experts opinion work force printers are a wise choice as these printers can hold large number of papers to avoid reloading of paper again and again, thus save time and also can print different media sizes.

How to choose Best Sublimation Printers for Heat Transfer

When you are going to buy a printer, you have to enlist your requirements that you want in the printer. Every printer discussed here has some specification which make it different from other. You have to calculate what you want in your printer and for which purpose you are going to buy the printer, then finalise the printer. Here are some features of the printers which you have to analyse before buying a sublimation printer.

Media Size and Type

It is the most important feature of a printer. You have to check the media sizes and type a printer works best with. Some printers work best for different media sizes and can handle different types from soft to hard. These are the best printers to buy.


Connectivity is the types of connection a printer provides. In this modern era everyone wants tension free and easy ways out for working best, therefore prefer wireless, and voice activated printers. 


It is the most important feature of a printer, higher the resolution better the prints. In fact resolution is the quality of the color prints. resolution is measured in dots per inches. Before buying a printer consider the resolution.


Always consider your budget before you buy a printer.


Some printers work with ink cartridges while others go for ink tanks. Re-filling ink is always a big task but now Epson has introduce ink bottles that re-fill without spilling a single drop. So before buying the printer check how replacing or re-filling of the ink is done to avoid any frustration.

Printing Speed

It is the most important feature of the printer as your total business depends on it. The printer should have to meet the demand of printing large volume of prints in given time without any trouble. Your total business revolves around this feature because if you fulfil your order requirements in given time there is possibility of getting new order fast.

Final words

In general Epson and Sawgrass printers are highly use for sublimation printing but Sawgrass printers are costly than Epson printers. In our opinion Epson EchoTank and Work Force series are best sublimation printers for heat transfer. They use less ink and print a large number of documents with bright colors. Epson WF-7210 and Epson EchoTank ET-2803 are best printers in our opinion to use for heat transfer. In experts opinion Epson printers are best sublimation printers for heat transfer as they are low in price but give laser quality prints.


1.What type of ink is used by Sublimation printers for heat transfer?

Sublimation printers used sublimation ink, dye base ink and pigmented ink for heat transfer.

2.Which sublimation printers are best to use?

Printers with ink tanks are best to use as compared to cartridge printer because ink tanks save up to 80% of the ink. On the other hand again and again buying of cartridge is very costly and also add litter to the land.

Why use sublimation printers for heat transfer over screen printing?

Sublimation printers produce prints which infuse into the substrate when heat is applied and are water resistant. These prints runs for long and do not fade or smudge. The quality of the fabric is also no affected as unlike screen printing it does not change the surface of the substrate. In screen printing there is a layer of dye on to the surface of the fabric.

Which printer is best for heat transfer?

Sublimation and laser printers are both use for heat transfer, but sublimation printers consume 80% of less ink as compared to laser printer and print quality of both printers is same.

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