17 Best Sublimation Printers in 2023 (budget friendly printers)

Sublimation printing is a process in which you can print images of your own choice on different materials. There is a wide range of products which are used for sublimation. The best materials for sublimation are man-made polymers such as Polyester and PVC. It can be hard such as metals or tiles and soft such as fabrics. Sublimation prints are long lasting and do not fade or get scratches with the passage of time plus these are water resistant.

Sublimation Printers can also print on vinyl no matter it is matt or glossy. It requires white background for best performance, yet it can also print on dark backgrounds. But if you want to print images having white color in, it will not print the white color. The reason behind is that sublimation printers use yellow, black, magenta and cyan ink colors for sublimation and none of these colors combination can produce white color.

If you have a regular printer, you can convert it into sublimation printer. The basic difference between regular printer and sublimation printer is the use of ink, regular printers use dilute inks while sublimation printers use special sublimation ink. So, by replacing the regular ink with sublimation ink you can convert your printer.

If you want to start a business of sublimation, you should have knowledge about best sublimation printers. Sublimation Printers are used to transfer your desired images on a variety of materials plus these printers give you a chance to enhance your business.Today a large variety of sublimation printers is available in the market from best sublimation printers for beginners to wide format printers.


Following is a list of printers which are not high in price but they work best for you.

Epson EcoTank ET-16600 Wide Format Printer

The wide format EchoTank printer is a cartridge free printer with easily re-fill ink bottles. The ink bottles are cheap as compared to ink cartridges and can save up to 80 % of the ink. So these super-size ink bottles are budget friendly as compared to laser printing.

Epson ET-16600 sublimation printers

Printing TechnologyInkjet
ConnectivityWired and Wireless
Compatible DevicePC, Laptop
Media Size11” ×17” Scan, 13” ×19” print
Out PutColor
Resolution4800 ×1200dpi

Epson EcoTank is all in one printer that performs all the four functions, faxing, copying, scanning and printing from the same device. It prints at high speed, 16 ISO ppm in black color and 9 ISO ppm in color. It is wide format printer which can scan up to 11” ×19” and up to 13” ×19” prints.

The ink in ink tanks is enough to print 7500 black pages and 6000 pages in color. It is strongly recommend by Epson to use genuine ink for better results of printing. It allows automatic dual side printing so yielding high products with a very less wastage.

Epson ET-16600

Epson ET-16600 allows both wired and wireless connections. It also offers handsfree printing through voice command. The size of touch screen is 4.3” which enables easy navigation and control. The printer comes with a warranty of 2 years with registration.

It has 500-page capacity with two front trays and a rear feed for speciality paper.


  1. It is powered by precision Core Technology.
  2. The ink tanks saves up to 80% of the ink as compared to ink cartridges.
  3. It saves a lot if energy as compared to laser color printing.
  4. It has 2 front trays each with the capacity of 250 sheets.
  5. A rear feed for specialty paper is also present. It offers both wired and wireless connections for easy and high yield production.


  1. It does not move easily because of high weight.
  2. Installation is a bit complex.


Great printer with easy setup and prints with fast speed. Ink fills very easily and without any mess. the ink tanks are transparent to check the level of ink. Wi-Fi connections made it easy to connect with our wireless devices to customize our desired designs. This is the higher level printer that prints incredible level color prints along white and black printing. In our opinion this is best machine and it will go with us for years.

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless All-in-One Printer

 When you are in search of a printer which is cheap as well as work best then it will be your best choice. It works good for both home and office use. Echo Tank consumes less ink and works efficiently. The Epson printers come without cartridge rather these have ink tanks with ink enough for two years.

2720 sublimation printer

key specifications.

Model Name  ET-2720
Printing TechnologyInkjet
ColorBlack, White
Compatible DevicesSmartphones, PC, Laptops
 Maximum Print Resolution5760 x 1440 optimized dpi
Ink PaletteCyan. Magenta, Yellow, Black
Ink TypeEcoTank Ink Bottles
Ink Configuration4 individual ink bottles

These are cheaper than any other printer and best for home business. The ink tanks are capable to print 45000 pages which is equal to 80 cartridges, so these ink tanks are also economical friendly. In addition to it the replacement ink tanks are 80% cheaper than replaced cartridge ink. 

ink refilling in 2720 printer

These printers are multifunctional. You can print scan or copy from the same device. It can print any time by connecting with your phone giving just a single command. It can print many pages within short time period. If you want to print a picture from your memory card, it can easily connect with the card. Wi fi direct is another very special feature of this machine and it works with it very fast. Alexa command is an additional feature of this printer.


  1. Saves almost 80% of ink as compared to a cartridge.
  2. Alexa command is an additional feature.
  3. Multifunctional: print, scan and copy from the same printer.
  4. Set up and installation is very easy.
  5. Easy to refill and the ink works for a longer time.


  1. Takes time when re-filling.
  2. Not enough paper capacity.
  3. Sometimes the prints may come out grainy or faded.


Best printer at low price and prints excellent results. It deals with a variety of medium enabling us to complete our tasks in given time. Print at high speed and saves time. It is a best home printer that everybody can easily use and it can beat any cartridge printer saving a lot of ink. In our opinion it is best to use a printer that has ink tanks instead of ink cartridges because it saves a lot of money which one spends on buying ink cartridges.

Epson EcoTank ET-4700 Inkjet Printer

In the world of sublimation, Epson is a known brand name. If you want to start your business of printing from small scale, then it will work best for you.

ConnectivityWi-Fi, ethernet
Best for useHome, office
Printing technologyInkjet,
Compatible devicesPc, computer, smart phone
Scanner typeSheet feed
Printing outputColor
Media size8.5×11”
Resolution5760×1440 dpi

Epson echo tank is a multi-tasked printer. You can copy, scan, print and fax from the same machine. As far as sublimation is concerned, it uses ink tanks instead of ink cartridges. The ink in ink bottles which come with the printer is enough for two years and can print up to 4500 color prints which is equivalent to 80 cartridges. It means it wastes ink 80% less as compared to the cartridge. The print quality is excellent and high resolution of 5760×1440 dpi. 

4700 inkjet printer

The printer comes with printing machine, a power cord, a disc for instructions and four ink bottles of cyan, black, yellow, and magenta color. The machine has command and navigation keys along with almost 1.5” color display screen. There is a compartment of ink tanks where you can easily fill the ink. The ink tanks are designed so smoothly that during re-filling the ink there is no wastage of ink

Dual-side printing is an additional property of this printer. After printing first side, you can just flip the side of the paper to get the other side printed. Wi-fi direct is another quality of this printer. you can also connect through google cloud printing, Apple Air Print, Android, and tablets. You can also command it through voice activity using Alexa.

So no need to be stick with the printer. just use your smart phone anywhere any time to give command of your desired prints. The printer comes with two years of warranty with registration.


  1. It uses ink bottles instead of ink cartridges so saves upto 80% of ink.
  2. The print quality is very good in a low cost.
  3. Multiple options for connectivity including voice command for using Alexa.
  4. The ink is enough for two years.
  5. The printer has a warranty of two years.


  1. The dual printing is not automatic.
  2. There is no connectivity through USB.
  3. Printing speed is slow.


Bought it for small home business and then converted it into the sublimation printer to sublimate different materials with ease. It started working right after opening the box, the set up is also very easy with a few instructions to follow. As we know it has high resolution so the print quality is comparable to the printers especially made for sublimation.

Epson EchoTank ET-15000 Dye Sublimation Printer

The most reliable versatile printer with genuine work is EPSON F170.  It offers a wide variety of printing from business scale like printing t-shirts for teams to personalize cups, mugs and other accessories. The printer comes with genuine dye sublimation ink, a 150-auto feed sheet tray and I-phone and android software.

epson ecotank 15000
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet, Apple Air Print, USB
Compatible devicesI pad, I-phone, Android, Tablet, pc
Media size13” ×19”
ColorBlack, white
Scanner typeSheet feed
Printing outputColor
Resolution4800×1200 dpi.
Printing technologyInkjet

These are nor specially made for sublimation, so if you want to convert into sublimation printer you just use sublimation ink in the ink tanks instead of pigmented ink of the printer. The ink in bottles is enough for 2 years and saves up to 90% of the ink as compare to any ink cartridge. The ink tanks are easy to re-fill so less ink waste. The ink in the ink bottles is enough to print almost 6000 color prints.

ET-15000 sublimation printer

In terms of connectivity, it can use Wi-Fi direct and also Ethernet. It has no USB connection but can operate with voice command. You can print any image of your choice directly from your smart phone simply just giving voice command. The printing speed is satisfactory when you have to print a large number of images and the printing result is awesome. The image quality is very high with a resolution of. It has paper capacity of 250 sheets and almost 20 sheets for rear feed. The printer has a 2.7” touch screen, it can scan up to   8.5″ x 11″ through scan bed or by ADF 8.5″ x 14”.

et.15000 printer


  1. Saves ink as compared to any ink cartridge.
  2. Prints image of high resolution of 4800×1200dpi.
  3. You can control printing by giving voice command.
  4. Multi-task printer, you can print, copy, scan, or fax from the same machine.
  5. Large media size of almost 13” ×19”.
  6. Dual side printing is an extra feature and is fully automatic.
  7. The printer has 2 years of warranty.


  1. Printing speed is slow when you have to print a large number of images.
  2. Touch screen is of small size, just 2.7”.
  3. Lacks in color accuracy.

Our words

A printer with easy setup and ink tanks which print a lot of papers before running out. It is a best printer which can also deal with wide format media to help you in printing. You can print easily with the help of Wi-Fi feature. This is the best printer even for those who are going to start a new business. Our experts recommend it because of its low consumption of ink and printing at high speed the quality prints.

HP Smart Tank Plus 551

HP smart tank is all in one printer which prints, scan, and copy for you at a considerable high sped. If you are going to start your small home business then it will be your best choice. It is designed such as to be fit on your desktop and saves space.

HP smart tank
Printing technologyInkjet
Connectivitydual Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth
Operating systemMac, Windows
Print outputcolor
Compatible devicesMobile, tablets, PC
Media size8.5” ×14”

HP printers work with fast speed and its per print cost is also low; it prints 11 ppm color helping crisp text with eae at reasonable price. The ink in ink tanks is enough for two years and can print 8,000 color and 6000 black pages. The ink tanks are so accomplished in design that it may refill without wasting a single drop. Ink bottles sealed automatically when ink tank is full with the help of ink sensor.

HP smart tank plus-551

You can control your printer with the help of your mobile just by installing HP Smart app. For most continence and ease of printing and scanning, it has dual-band Wi-Fi connections. It works with different size as; 3” ×5”; 4”×6”, 5” ×7”;  8” ×10”.  It also offers USB connection, and you can also connect your devices by using Bluetooth. It works well with Windows and MAC operating system.

It has warranty of 1 year and all-time web support. Get easy and versatile prints, scan and copy products, crisp text, and vibrant graphics all in one printer. 


  1. Print and scan at high speed. 
  2. Dual-band Wi-Fi is additional feature.
  3. Prints different media size.
  4. Easy refill ink tanks without wasting single droplet, resealed ink bottles.
  5. HP Smart App makes printing easy from your smart devices.
  6. Affordable price for use in long time.


  1. It lacks auto dual printing.

From above mentioned features we can say that it prints at high seed while consuming low energy and the print results are also awesome. The printing cost is also low as compared to other printers which is the most attractive feature of the product. HP Smart app is a new addition in quality printing and dealing with different media sizes. It is also compatible with Mac and iPhone and also Windows compatible.

Epson Sure Color P900  17” Printer

Epson printers are very famous in the world of sublimation. SureColor F900 gives you instant and reliable printing using dye sublimation. It can print in large size as 17” ×129” so you can print banners easily using this printer.

Epson sure color
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
Printing out putColor
Printing technologyInkjet
Media size17” ×22”
Resolution5760×1440 dpi
Compatible devicesSmart phones, PC, tablets

Epson printers are famous for their wide format and large printing size, F900 is famous for printing as large as 10 feet of banners. So it becomes first choice of the professionals and photographers. Just like its predecessor P800, this is also master in its work, converting desired art work on oversized and wide format photos and graphics and printing large banners. It is space saving and compact in design, almost 14 lbs lighter than P800. It offers 10 color inks for best results.

Epson Surecolor printer

The paper tray holds up to 120 sheets. The LCD is of 4.3” and interior light for easy command and control. It has special automatic nozzles, so you don’t need to switch the nozzles from photo black to matt black. It easily prints from your smart devices by wireless connection. It has Carbon Black Driver Technology which increases Dmax for best black density on glossy papers.

It uses only Epson cartridges and blocks other cartridges. Its maximum resolution is 5760×1440 dpi and prints glossy finish photos of vibrant colors.


  1. Print wide-format, rich in color large banners and photos.
  2. Print glossy photos of high resolution in short time.
  3. Compact and space saving design, add-on trays increase the area which can be folded after use.
  4. Big display screen with light for easy use.
  5. Carbon Black Technology for best black density.
  6. Shifting of color nozzles is automatic.
  7. Offers professional media handling.


  1. Need to install paper roll adopter which costs extra charges.


A printer which works well from the very first day of printing. It allows wide format printing and helps a lot in enhancing the business as it deal with heavy volume orders easily. Print colors are simply awesome and gives stunning results on soft as well as hard substrate.

Canon Pixma TS-9520

There was a time when Canon as known only for its camera, but now its printer are taking a vital place in the world of printing also. The Pixma TS 9520 is all in one wireless printer which gives the ease of printing by allowing voice command feature.

canon pixma 9520
Model nameTS 9520

USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth
Media size8.5” ×11”
Printing outputColor
Printing technologyInkjet
Compatible devicesPC, laptop, smart phone
Resolution4800×1200 dpi

The special feature of the printer is, it uses five colors Individual Ink System, from dye-based colors to pigmented black, which make it clear that it will print sharp black color text and vibrant photos. It can use a wide range of media size from 3.5” × 3.5” to as large as 11” ×17” at fast speed making it users’ best choice. It can print 15 ppm in color and 10 ppm in black with a resolution of 4800×1200dpi. These features make it best for use either in office or at home.

printer screen

Printer has a display screen of 4.3” which helps in easy navigation and command. It uses both wireless and wired connections for easy printing by connecting your smart devices. Alexa command is an additional feature which helps you to print anytime anywhere. Built in Wi-Fi, SD card and Bluetooth helps a lot in printing from smart devices. It also allows Apple Air Print and Mopria services for printing and scanning. 

Auto-dual printing is another quality which saves up to 50% of the paper.  The front paper tray has the capacity of 100 sheets of plain paper, 20 sheets of 4” ×6” and 10 sheets of 5” ×7” photo sheets.

Along with the printing it can copy and scan at very high speed; it can color copy in 19 seconds and upto 99 copies at a time. it scans using flatbed or auto-document feeder of the size 8.5” ×14”


  1. All-in-one printer, scanner, and copier at very high speed with best output.
  2. Prints at maximus resolution of 4800×1200 dpi.
  3. Alexa command allows handsfree printing.
  4. Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and SD card make printing and scanning easy.
  5. Auto-duplex printing saves paper up to 50%.
  6. Having display screen of 4.3” for navigation and control.
  7. It uses five inks, from dye-based colors to pigmented black for better results.


  1. High running costs.
  2. Doesn’t support dual scanning.


This is the best printer to use for sublimation as the printer photo results are awesome. The printer is easy to use with simply installed set up. It gives you the freedom of connections to customize your designs on your desired substrate. If you are new to this business, you will face no issues in operating this printer.

Kodak Dock and Wi-Fi Portable Instant Photo Printer

The small, portable instant photo printer prints for you photos just by one click. Its size is so handy that you can easily carry it with you on your trips.

kodak dok. DP-450
Model nameKOD-PD450WUS
Ink technologyDye sublimation
Compatible devicesPhone, laptops, PC
Best for useHome, office
Media size4” ×6”
Printer outputColor
Print mediaGlossy photo paper
Resolution300×300 dpi

Standard size photo is printed with this printer in fast, stunning way by using thermal transfer technology, which prevents the prints ink from fading or bleeding. Kodak represents 5 pin micro-USB for Android phones and USB Host for printing from I-phone, i-pad, Digital Cameras and USB memory stick. It has two buttons: power and print. The power button has LED light that flashes in different colors to tell whether the printer is empty or printing or it has any error showing up to nine colors for different states of the printer.


Kodak dock is easy to use and prints photos with bright and fascinating colors which appeal people. Therefore, it became an important factor in the world of snap-shot printers. If you are looking for a printer which prints descent photos for you easily in short time, then this printer is here for you.

It has many interesting features; smart phone charging, smart phone as a control panel and Kodak dock app for filters, stickers, collages and SNS prints. It saves your print by giving them glossy finish and dries them instantly, so the prints are ready to use right after the printing.


  1. Prints in fast speed
  2. Kodak dock is for support to charge.
  3. Different colors indicator LED light.
  4. Smart phones as control panel.
  5. Portable printer easy to carry.
  6. Kodak dock app for different filters.
  7. Wired and wireless connections for ease of printing.


  1. It may work slowly.
  2. The photos are not vibrant and detailed as compared to other inkjet printers.

Canon Selphy CP-1300

Canon Selphy CP-1300 is now becoming a name of trust in the world of sublimation. It launched its first printer SELPHY DS 700 back in 2005. After releasing a new model every year SELPHY CP1300 is the latest version.

Price on Amazon Price on ebay
ModelCP 1300
DevicesPC, Laptop, Smart phone
Sheet size3” ×5”
Recommended useHome
ColorBlack and White
Resolution300× 300 dpi
Weight1.9 lb./ 0.9 kg

When youare in search of printer which prints your memories with a resistance to water, Canon SELPHY CP 1300 is best choice. You can easily hold it due to its potable size and can move anywhere with ease. It has a moveable LCD display make it easy to choose and edit the picture of your choice.

The printer comes with a rechargeable battery and ac adopter and can print directly from USB or SD card. In case of wireless options are various, you can connect it via Wi-Fi, iPhone, Apple Air Print or Canon Print mobile app. It has built in Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers a new feature of party shuffle print in which different people can be connected to the same device providing their images to print a collage.

By installing SELPHY PHOTO app you can directly send photos from your camera to the printer. The app is free of cost, you can directly download it from play store for android apps or from APPLE APP store for iPhone, iPad, or Mac book. However, if you are not interested in app for APPLE accessories you can use APPLE Air Print feature. 

Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Photo Paper is a special paper which possess color ribbons. By using the thermal dye sublimation process the image produce dries within no time. The color ribbons of the paper become vapors when heat is applied to transfer the image on paper. For printing the primary colors, the paper passes through the printer four times separately.

The picture it prints is glossy with a high resolution of 300 dpi. The quality of print is super that it can run for a long time and is also waterproof.  Printing speed is very high as it can print post cards of 4×6” in just 47 seconds while a post card of size 2.1×3” in just 39 seconds.


  1. It can print at very high speed.
  2. Color quality and print quality is excellent and runs for long time being waterproof.
  3. You can move it very easily because of its portable size.
  4. By using SELPHY app you can send picture directly from your phone or camera to the printer.
  5. It can print 25 shades of each color with a clear contrast. The photo paper absorbs all the color transferred through thermal process at very high speed.


  1. You have to buy a battery for your outdoor trips.
  2. The photo paper is very costly as compared to the canon printers with cartridges.
  3. It needs an AC adaptor plugged in all the time to power the battery.
  4. SELPHY CP 1300 seems to not be having any extra feature than canon’s other printers except being portable.

A small and portable printer which you can carry on your trips easily. Its small size make it possible to move the printer without any fear and get desired results. It enables us to send photos easily from phone to the printer by using the Selphy app.

HP Design Jet T210

The printer is specially made for office use especially for engineers, technical professionals and architects who are in search of a printer which is perfect in line drawing with crisp text, maintain accurate line quality in printing maps and posters.

HP design jet 210
ModelDesign Jet T210
ConnectivityUSB, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi
Printing technologyThermal inkjet
Media size24” wide media rolls
Compatible devicesPC, laptop, smart phones
Resolution2400×1200 dpi
Printer outputColor

Hp printers work with speed providing outstanding results at fast speed. It is specially design for speed and accuracy, you can send multiple files just by one click using HP click. It uses only HP chip cartridges, and it may cease work if you forcefully install any cartridge without HP chip. It uses media roll of size 24” and sheets of size 24” ×74.4”. Added to it you can print media of size 24” ×34” media sheets in a short time of 45 seconds. The print results are amazing and leave you speech less as this unit works with accuracy.

As far as connectivity is concerned, it offers Wi-Fi connection for easy contact with smart devices, and USB connection is also provided for better performance. Wi-Fi direct is also added option for connection. High speed Gigabit Ethernet is also given for achieving results without any hindrance.

HP design jet printer

Software like HP click, HP smart app, HP print preview for windows, HP support Assistant, HP easy start are built-in for easy printing and getting outstanding results. It saves up to 90% of the ink for the maintenance and did great work from the job prep to getting prints. It has horizontal cutter which cuts the sheet of desired size after printing and throw the wastepaper out of the printer thus making printing easy and cost efficient.


  1. Easy to use, prints at high speed.
  2. Provided networks help in hands free printing.
  3. HP click is an additional feature for massive printing.
  4. HP Smart app helps to print desired prints at high speed.
  5. Easy and cost-efficient printing by using the provided software.
  6. Prints required size of photos by cutting extra sheet with built-in cutter.


  1. Display instructions sometimes create issues.
  2. Some graphic colors are not clear.

Epson EcoTank ET-2750

When you are in search of a cheap and best quality printer which prints with speed without wasting ink, then Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is the perfect choice.

Epson EcoTank 2750
ColorBlack, White
Resolution5760 x 1440 optimized dpi
Paper Capacity100 sheets
Warranty12 Months
Printing Capacity6500 black and 5400 color sheets
Connections Wi-Fi direct, ethernet, Bluetooth, memory card
InkInk Tanks

It comes cartridge free having ink re-fillers. Th ink re-filler can last up to 2 years yielding 6500 black and 5400 color sheets. As the printers are without cartridge, so they can save ink up to 80%. Along with it the key bottles design fits ink bottles correctly without spilling the ink. The printer package contains ink re-fillers with it.

Epson EcoTank 2750

As far as the appearance of machine is concerned, it comes in matte black color with round edges. It so light in weight that you can move it easily from place to place. It has high resolution which is up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi that produce an image without damaging its pixels. It works so fast that it can print almost 11 pages of black in one minute and 5 color pages in just one minute. Along with it can print borderless images to enhance the beauty.

Epson EcoTANK

Another interesting feature of the printer is its connectivity; you can connect it with your phone via wireless connection to print any picture from your phone, you can connect camera memory card if you want to print a photo from the card. Wi-Fi direct is another option which works faster than Bluetooth and you can print thousands of photos within short time. In addition to this the machine offers different Cloud applications for printing and scanning.


  1. Less use of ink saves a lot of ink as compared to a cartridge.
  2. Ink tanks are easy to refill that can lasts up to two years.
  3. Multipurpose machine: you can print, scan as well as fa from the same device.
  4. High resolution gives a picture with better prints as compared to an ordinary printer.
  5. Along with colorful and black prints it can print borderless pictures as well.
  6. Different types of connectivity make it easier to use from anywhere any time.


  1. It is hard to see the level of in in ink tank.
  2. It doesn’t work properly with 2” × 3” sheet of photo.
  3. If not use for some time, the ink dries out.


Saves a lot of ink as compared to cartridge with easy re-filling. The prints are bright with high resolution and borderless printing features. Its wireless feature makes it possible to connect with smart devices to print adorable images just in few minutes. Its is best sublimation printer which has low printing cost and is suitable for small business.

Epson SureColor F-170 Dye Sublimation Printer

The most reliable versatile printer with genuine work is EPSON F170.  It offers a wide variety of printing from business scale like printing t-shirts for teams to personalize cups, mugs and other accessories. The printer comes with genuine dye sublimation ink, a 150-auto feed sheet tray and I-phone and android software. 

Color White
Media size8.5”x14 ″
Resolution1200×600 dpi
Printing technologyPrecision core micro TFP print head
Ink typeDye sublimation
Input paper capacity150 sheets

Epson is the name of trust in the world of sublimation. Epson Surecolor f170 provides the best color images at low price. It offers excellent results of prints on soft and hard surfaces with beautifully representing the colors. The printer uses powerful precision core technology which yields prints of high resolution of 1200×600 dpi. The space saving design of printer allows you to expand your work place space and earn a lot by spending little.

Epson sure color 170

The printer comes with four basic colors of ink in bottles. The nozzles of bottles are designed so skillfully that you can refill ink tank without any mess. The sub-ink bottles stops automatically once the ink tanks are full. In order to get the best performance of the printer it is strongly recommended to use standardized ink otherwise it will affect the quality of image as well as performance of the print also.

You can print either using ethernet or by connecting USB or any wireless connection. It comes with 1 year of warranty.


  1. The auto-feed 150 sheet tray with space saving compact design make it all-time favorite.
  2. Yields high resolution images of 1200×600 dpi.
  3. Fast speed prints with mesmerizing colors.
  4. With the adjustable tray you can print image of your choice. 
  5. It uses Mac and windows prints software.
  6. Large ink tanks in which ink lasts for longer.


  1.  Because of more steps for printing it requires more labor increasing the cost as compared to other printers.
  2.  Due to dye-sublimation the process is bit slow as compared to inkjet printers.


So we can say that it is a best sublimation printer for large scale printing to a small scale business. It can print on variety of media from t-shirts to cups and coasters. The printing results are awesome on both hard and soft surfaces because of Precision core technology. It is widely used printer as it is the choice of the experts.

Epson EcoTank ET-5800 All-in-One Sublimation Printer

It is the perfect for use in office as it is affordable and easy to use along with interesting features. The new and developed ET- 3760 is cartridge free having easily re-fillable ink tanks having high capacity.

epson ecotank ET-5800
ColorWhite, Black
Print MediaPaper (plain)
ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
Printing TechnologyInkjet
Media Size8” × 14”
Printing OutputColor

The most interesting feature of the printer is its auto document feeder which allows you to continue your work without any interpretation. The dual side printing saves 50% of the paper. The printer is best for sublimation as it prints at high speed with extra fine prints, scans with high resolution flatbed. It has two paper tray of 500 sheets for continuous work and a rear feed for specialty paper.

ink refilling in printer

Epson EcoTank ET-5800 uses Epson inks instead of ink cartridges. The ink tanks are designed so skillfully that you can re-fill the ink without spilling a single drop of ink. The ink is enough to run for two years and saves ink up to 80% as compared to ink cartridges. it prints 7500 black and 6000 color pages

As it possess Unique Precision Core Heat-free Technology and Claria ET pigmented ink in black, so it yields extra fine prints with outstanding photos and graphics on any type of paper.

The LED color display is 4.3.” which makes you choice easy during navigation. The modern wired and wireless connections along with Alexa make printing very easy. Now Epson Smart Panel App makes printing very easy from your smart apps. The all-in-one printer allows you to print, scan or copy from the same machine very easily.


  1. Cartridge free printing saves up to 90% of the ink
  2. Auto dual side document feeder saves both time and paper.
  3. Each paper tray has the capacity of 250 sheets for continuous work.
  4. It has rear feed tray for specialty paper.
  5. Color display is 4.3” which is pretty enough for easy navigation and control.
  6. Hands free voice activated feature makes it more attractive for use.
  7. Epson Smart Panel App makes printing very easy from your smart apps.


  1. It allows use of only Epson ink and may cease functioning if other inks are being used.
  2. Paper tray does not go well with legal size paper.
  3. There is no proper box for maintaining ink.

Precision core heat free technology is the most interesting feature which ensures quality results. The ink in ink tanks is enough to run for two years making you tension free of buying ink again and again. Because of best quality ink being used its prints are extra fine and bright.

Sawgrass Virtuoso 500

Sawgrass printers are specially made for the purpose of sublimation as compared to any other printer. As far as the display of the printer is concerned it is very simple old school printer with a LED light a few keys and very few indicators. The printer comes with a power cord, an USB power cord and ink cartridges.

Peice on Amazon Price on ebay
Weight35.2 pounds
Product Dimensions21.65 x 14.17 x 9.84 inches
Display TypeLED-backlit display
Maximum Resolution4800 x 1200 dpi
Ink TypeStandard SubliJet ink
Maximum Media Size8.5″ x 14″ (215 x 355mm)
ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

The physical buttons include a paper tray,  power button, navigation keys, a menu button, reset, and three selection keys, OK button, a delete button and an escape key. To turn on the printer connect the cord with printer and the other end into the socket. Then press the power button. After turning on, the printer asks for the ink cartridges.

The cap on the front side gives access to the cartridge area after opening it. There is an order for ink color on the bottom of the door. You can save ink boxes as the expiration date is printed on the boxes. Install the ink cartridge into the printer carefully then press OK key. Under the cartridges there is a waste ink collector unit.

If you want to connect the printer with laptop or pc simply connect it with wires. If your preference is to connect with any wireless device just access to the menu and set the wireless settings to the available networks. Once it is connected you can print any image from any device present on that network. Load the sublimation paper and go for the printing. Self-cleaning is a new feature. If the ink is left behind the printer cleans it automatically next time when you turned it on. 

The technology of sawgrass sg 500 is much more advanced as compared to sg 400. It produces images with sharp colors and high dpi. 

The speed of sawgrass printers I very fast as compared to any other printer. The image printed is very clear with dynamic colors giving high resolution.

Sawgrass Sublijet Kit vs. Sawgrass EasySubli –in order to sublimating onto polymers such mugs, tumblers, keychains, mousepads, t-shirts, flags, car seats, air fresheners, phone case, bags etc., the Sawgrass Sublijet Kit should be the choice. The EasiSubli is best for heat transfer on vinyl process.


  1. It has self-cleaning quality. 
  2. The paper tray of sg400 can also be adjusted in it.
  3. It comes with 2 years of warranty.
  4. The picture resolution is very high with dynamic colors.
  5. New print mode allows to print at a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.
  6. Especially made for sublimation.


  1. It is costly than any other printer.
  2. Touch screen is not available.


Sawgrass printer which is made for sublimation gives you prints in vivid bright colors and also white and black images. Although it is costly than other printers but it is worth buying as its printing results are awesome and long lasting without having any effect of water by being water resistant. So we recommend it because it provides what we demand from a sublimation printer.

Epson WorkForce WF-7720

Epson workforce printer is best printer for sublimation. It is multi tasked printer with a wide format. It can print images of size 13″ x 19″ and scan up to 11” x 17″.

Epson WorkForce Printer
Printing technologyInk jet
Print out putColor
Resolution4800 × 2400 dpi
Media size13″ x 19″
ConnectivityWi-Fi direct, USB, Ethernet

Epson work force printers uses less power as compared to laser printing and provide best quality images. It has a capacity of 500 sheets, automatic dual printing, and rear feed for special paper. These features of printer make it possible to use in your office without any hesitation. 

The printer comes with a power cord, a printing machine and four ink cartridges of colors cyan, yellow, black, and magenta. The image it prints is of high resolution. The printer has auto dual side printing feature along with copy, scan, and fax. It has almost 4.3” touch screen for controlling and navigation.  The printing speed is fast as 18 pages of black and 10 pages of color in one minute, making it best for home and office use. 

It offers wireless and wired connection for better printing from Android phones, I-phones, tablets, and pc. An additional feature is voice command of Alexa which allows you to control printing just by giving a command from anywhere. Extra large and high capacity ink cartridges are available for printing a high volume of paper within a short time of period. The printer consumes 80% less energy as compare to laser printing making this printer Eco friendly.


  1. Compareable with laser printing. 
  2. Large size ink cartridges print large volume of sheets in reasonable amount. 
  3. Saves 50% paper as it prints from both sides of the paper.
  4. Wide format, borderless printing of size 11” × 19”.
  5. Fast printing, as it prints 18 black pages and 10 color pages in one minute.
  6. It offers hands free, voice activated printing.


  1. It uses only Epson ink cartridges; other cartridges may damage it.
  2. Slow printing speed. 
  3. Black ink cartridge doesn’t yield a large number of prints.


Epson work force printer images are outstanding which are comparable to the laser printer. It also prints wide formats. Thus it gives best result of printing in low cost. Due to this it is widely used in office for getting best results. The speed of printing is also fast to complete the task in given time. So we use this printer to get awesome results in short time.

Canon G-2260 all-in-one Printer

Canon all in one wired super tank printer has mega super ink tanks which lasts for long time.

canon printer
Media Size8” ×11”
Resolution4800 ×1200 dpi
Printing TechnologyInkjet

It is the best printer for yielding high volume of prints at cheap price. The ink tanks are large in size which prints 7500 black and 6000 color prints. Ink lasts for longer and is cheap as compared to ink cartridges. high resolution ensures sharp prints and pigmented black ink keeps the text sharp glossy and easy to read.

As it is all in one printer so it supports various paper sizes from small 3.3”  ×3.3” to 8.5” ×14” large. So it is the best printer to meet your demand. It also allows borderless printing of size 8.5” ×11”. It comes with rear feed tray with the capacity of 100 sheets and a front paper tray.

USB connection is available for connecting to smart devices for printing desired designs.


  1. Prints at high speed with crisp text and sharp images
  2. Ink is enough to print 7500 black and 6000 color pages
  3. A rear feed tray with 100 paper capacity is available.
  4. Prints media up to 8.5” ×14”.
  5. Allows borderless printing up to 8.5” ×11”.


  1. New user may find difficulty while connecting it.
  2. The printer comes without USB.


This is best printer which yields high volume printing in low cost making it suitable printer for both small home use or office use. The large ink tanks are capable of printing a number of sheets before ink runs out. the printing results are awesome, the borderless printing is another interesting feature for printing wide format images. Experts recommend it a best printer for low cost printing.

Epson Photo expression XP-8600

epson xp-8600 best sublimation printers

Epson printers are well known for professional level prints with outstanding results. These are best for use in office as well as for starting mall home business. Epson Expression Photo printer allows different media sizes for up to 8” ×10” and also gives borderless printing.

Media Size8” ×10”
Printing TechnologyInkjet
Compatible DevicesComputer, PC, Laptop

Epson printer use 6-color Claria Photo HD Inks with amazing results . Any ordinary ink or cartridge damages the print quality and does not meet the requirements. So when you are going to use Epson printers always be careful of using ink and even color tones.

Epson Expression xp-8600

It allows versatile printing along with rear feed tray for specialty paper. The most amazing part is that it can print directly on CD/DVD. Its wireless and router free printing enables to print directly from PC or smartphones as well as Apple products.


  1. It supports different media sizes up to 8” 10”.it can print directly on CD/DVDs.
  2. The printer uses only 6-color Claria Photo HD inks for best results.
  3. Both wireless and wired connections are available for better results.
  4. Use of special pigmented ink make the prints very bright and outstand images are formed.


  1. It allows use of only Epson cartridges.
  2. It will not support to print greeting cards.


This printer is best for office use as it supports different media sizes with best results because of HD ink it used for printing.

Buying Guide for Best Sublimation Printers

Sublimation printing business is getting fame all over the world. So if you are in search of a good sublimation printer then you are at the right place. EPSON is a name of trust. Epson ET- series and WorkForce printers are working with outstanding results. These printers come in different price ranges so you can chose any one of them according to your budget.

Sawgrass printers are also in demand. among all Sawgrass printers Virtuous SG-500 is more in demand. It is compatible with SG400 having a difference of more advanced technology used in SG500. It is budget friendly, and the print quality is awesome. If you want to start your home business of printing here are few factors, you should know before you buy a printer.


There is a variety of sublimation printers in the market with different price range. If you want to start a small home business then buy a printer with cheap price.


Today we search for the printers which can be connected to our smart devices easily. Now Sublimation Printers have both features wired and wireless along with Alexa command to make printing an easy task.


Resolution is the most important factor. Higher the resolution better will be the print outs. Resolution is measured in dots per inch.

Media Size

Media size is another important factor before choosing a sublimation printer. First you check your requirements that which size of media you want to print, then go for buying a printer.


Sublimation printers can printer a variety of material, from soft textile to hard tiles. So it depends on need that which material you want to print then make a choice of buying a printer.

Printing Type

There are two types of printing, the printer prints directly or it prints using heat press machines. Check which type of printing you want then buy a printer.

Epson or Sawgrass….Which is best Sublimation Printer?

Today Epson and Sawgrass both are widely use for sublimation. Both printers are best in their performance. If you have to chose between these two printers keep in mind that which function you want from these printers. Following is a comparison table to make choice easy for you.

Epson Printers

  • These printers are cheap in price.
  • Best for small home business or office use.
  • It can perform multiple tasks, copying, faxing scanning and printing from the same machine.

Sawgrass Printers

  • Sawgrass printers are costly as compared to Epson printers.
  • It can also use for home business but best for office use.
  • These printers are specialized only for sublimation.


Can we use any printer for sublimation?

No, we can not use any printer for sublimation. You need specialized printers for sublimation.

Which EchoTank printer is best for sublimation printing?

All Epson printers including EchoTank, WorkForce and SureColor can be used for sublimation.

Which is the best printer for small home business?

Epspn EchoTank  ET-2720, ET-2750 and ET-4700 are best to start small home business.

Which is the cheap printer available in the market?

Epson EchoTank et-2720 and 2750 are best for sublimation which are also inexpensive printers as compared to other printres available in the market.

Which Epson printer is use for printing wide media rolls?

Epson EchoTank ET-16600 is a wide format printer to meet the demand. These printers use ink tanks instead of ink cartridge. The ink in ink tanks lasts for long time so these save the expense of ink also.

Are Sawgrass printers best for sublimation?

Sawgrass printers are best for sublimation because these are specially made for sublimation. These printers print desired images with bright colors and sharp text.

Epson printers are well known for professional level prints with outstanding results. These are best for use in office as well as for starting mall home business. Epson Expression Photo printer allows different media sizes for up to 8” ×10” and also gives borderless printing.

Epson printer use 6-color Claria Photo HD Inks with amazing results . Any ordinary ink or cartridge damages the print quality and does not meet the requirements. So when you are going to use Epson printers always be careful of using ink and even color tones.

It allows versatile printing along with rear feed tray for specialty paper. The most amazing part is that it can print directly on CD/DVD. Its wireless and router free printing enables to print directly from PC or smartphones as well as Apple products.

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