Top 7 of Best Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printers

There is a wide range of sublimation printers available in the market. The choice is very difficult if you have no knowledge about them. Before making a choice, you should have to learn about the specification of these printers especially if you are searching for a wide format printer to meet your daily demands of printing on large fabrics like banners and posters.

Wide format dye sublimation printers use dye ink that is transferred onto materials of your demand either hard like ceramic tiles or soft as garments. Here is a list of wide format sublimation printers available today to accomplish your tasks.


HP Design Jet T-630 Wide Format Printer

HP printers are well known among the architects, AEC, GIS and MCAD professionals who have to draw maps, banners, blueprints, posters and technical drawings of crisp text and precise and exact line drawings of high quality with maximum resolution of 2400×1200 dpi. This wide format printer allows you to print a design of any large size without any hesitation in short period. For convenience it can print 22 ×34” media sheet in just 45 seconds. It accepts media roll and sheets of size 24” wide, and sheets of 13 × 19” printing with accuracy at high speed. The printer has automatic sheet feeder which saves a lot of time during printing. 

There are multiple ways of connectivity; Ethernet, Wi-Fi connections and USB connections offers you to connect any of your smart device for your desired design and start printing. You can print easily and affordably with this small plotter an saves up to 95% of ink for routine maintenance as compared to any other plotter printer. You can print a large number of prints with just one click of HP Click software. It offers HP Smart app for easy guide and connectivity with smart devices. 

Epson ECHOTANK 2720 is the best choice if you are going to start our business as a beginner. This printer is best sublimation printer for beginners. The compact and space saving design is perfect for your desktop. This printer is white in color with ink tanks on front side, having the display of 1.44”. The front tray has the capacity of 100 sheets and prints borderless 4”×6” photos with bright and compact colors.

The wireless property of printer makes it easy to connect with any device for easy printing.


  • Perfect for professionals especially for those looking for a printer with wide format with accurate line drawing and crisp text.
  • Accepts media roll of size 24” and media sheet of size 13×19” wide.
  • Prints a large number of prints just by one click by HP Click software.
  • Hp Smart App helps for easy connections.
  • Wired and wireless connections provide a wide range to connect with smart app to print the desired designs.
  • The HP Design Jet T-630 wide Format Compact design printer comes with a warranty of one year.

Final Words

The best all in one printer that prints outstanding. the setup is installed with the help of tech but it prints on rolls and single sheets with best quality prints. The wireless feature is outstanding which allows you to print different sizes of media with ease also allowing blue printing.


Epson Work Force Pro-7840 Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printer

Epson printers are commonly used for sublimation for the best result and outstanding print quality. Epson work force pro-7840 is specially design for printing wide format images especially banners and posters at a fast speed. It works at a speed 25 ppm and 12ppm. It can easily handle different media sizes up to 13″ × 19″along with border less printing of size 11″ × 17″.It helps you to print banners of size 42.7″. The high resolution is 4800×2400 dpi.

The printer is powered by dye-sublimation ink technology Mono Chrome which gives high density black with high saturation and pure color contrast. Advance auto paper-tension controls the rolls and sheets for better performance. The images are of high quality with minimum grains with optimal dot placement which helps in reducing banding. To achieve accurate dot placement the print head controls the air flow under the print heads.

It allows auto dual-side printing along with scan, copy and fax. Rear tray has the capacity of sheets and two front tray have 500 sheets capacity. Touch screen is of size 4.3″ and offers both wired and wireless connections for easy printing. It also helps to download media profile from the computer and update the firmware. It accepts only Epson ink for better results, if you put any other ink it may damage the quality of prints and affects the performance of the printer.


  • Dual print heads supports roll to roll performance and printing speed is 1,169 ft2/hour.
  • Dust cleanser prevents the dust from clogging the nozzles.
  • It uses precision Core heat free Technology with DuraBrite Ultra Ink.
  • Extra size ink bottles runs for a longer time, so it saves the time of re-filling again and again.
  • Dash board helps in auto cleaning of the printer.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 years.
  • It works only with Epson Inks.

Final Words

Best printer to deal with large prints as it is recommended by professionals.

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8500

Epson EchoTank ET8500 Wide Format Printer

Epson EchoTank ET 8500 is all in one printer with copying, faxing, scanning and printing with the same machine. The printer along with its high speed, prints the lab-quality prints  and every day documents as well as graphics. The printer has cartridge as it is supported by Claria ET premium ink system offering six colors.

With these vibrant colors you can print all the required data in extra high quality with an amazing speed as speed is the key feature of the printer. you can print from 4” ×6” which costs you only 4 cents while the same photo print from the cartridge costs you 40 cent. With EchoTank ET8500 you can print images of different size from DVD size to 8.5”× 11” borderless prints, and maximum thickness of 1.3mm.

The large ink tanks allow you to print maximum number of prints as compares to cartridge and lasts for 2 years. Thus it saves 80% of the ink as compared to the cartridge. Along with other features it offers you both wired and wireless connections for easy printing. So, you can print any image of your choice from your smart devices just by connecting with the printer. command through voice is another interesting feature which makes printing much easier. The display screen is 4.3” for easy command and control.


  • The all-in-one feature make it more attractive for the user. 
  • It comes with the warranty of 2 years.
  • The replacement ink bottles last for two years saving 80% of the ink as compared to cartridges. 
  • It offers multiples size of printing providing ease in choosing designs. 
  • The wired and wireless connection along with the voice command feature is making this printer more attractive for user.
  • Echo friendly printer is equally beneficial for your home as well as office. Its compact design make it space saver to easily adjust on the desktop.
  • It doesn’t have auto document feeder
  • It may have high price.
  • It may take much time for set up and initial printing.

Final Words

Printer with easy setup and have ink tanks that re-fill automatically. Each color of ink has its own configuration along the printer. Epson app helps you to set the printer step by step. Connection with iPhone with the help of Wi-Fi is now made easy. Two front trays are used, one for large size sheets while other is for photo stocks and for all type of paper rear feed is used. Print colors are great and scanner speed is also fast. It is a good printer for both home and office use.

CANON 9856B002AA

Canon 9856 B002AA IPF770-36″ Large Format Inkjet Printer

Canon is a re-known name in the world of digital cameras, but now its printers are also getting fame because of the images it prints with vivid colors at exceptionally fast speed. If you are going to start a business, then Canon iPF770 36-inch large -format printer is a good choice for you. It is very economical from the day you buy it. The media size is 23.39” ×33.11” which it prints at very high speed; 25 seconds required for this type of printing. The plots are very crisp.

The sub-ink system allows you to print a number of prints from the same ink and auto re-fill the ink tanks when detects that there is a lack of ink without creating any disturbance in the process of sublimation.

Canon cloud portal solution software is available for direct printing, downloading and uploading the files easily. This feature allows printing easy and from any where any time without any hindrance. ImagePROGRAF Print Utility is the mobile app which allows to print through Apple Apps. It offers Canon PosterArtist Lite poster creation software, which is very easy to use also for beginners and help in easy printing of large format prints just by following four easy steps.


  • Prints in high-speed giving extraordinary results.
  • Canon cloud portal solution software is available for easy download and connection. 
  • The auto-refill will help in continuing the printing without any disturbance.
  • It can print media up to 36” large.
  • The printing speed is high as compare to other printers.
  • Creates a little problem while connecting to the network.
  • Working of cutting blade may affect after some time of usage.

Final Words

Printer works great once the setup is installed. It starts outstanding printing when once roll is installed. It prints at fast speed thus complete task in given time. It works well according to the need.

CANPN 9856

Mutoh RJ-900 Dye-Sublimation Printer

The best printer for professionals, architects, engineers and is especially design to us at industry level. If you want a printer for your office where you have to print wide formats then these wide format dye sublimation printers are best choice. The maximum media size it can print is 44” which is great for mechanical designs. It is an ideal printer for banners, posters, apparels and daily use of hard articles. Mutoh goes extra well with the sublimation printing of big size format easily and conveniently high speed without wasting a drop of ink.

It works well with aqueous/pigmented/dye with wide color gamut using  J-tech or TexA Jet sublimation inks for extra fine line drawing and a very smooth blend of different shades with outstanding results of image quality. The most interesting and outstanding feature of the printer is different resolutions set accordingly the substrate going to be sublimate.DX-5 print head possesses 4 color section with 360 nozzles of different shades to print high resolution prints up to 2880 dpi.

The printer prints at very high speed of 676f2/h with 360×30 dpi resolution. The new pressure roller control helps in the better paper handling during the process of printing. Banding is controlled by Intelligent Interweave. Mutoh RJ-900X comes with a warranty of one year.


  • Wide format sublimation printing.
  • New generation wide model print head with 4 colors sections and 360 nozzles.
  • Different resolutions according to the substrate going to be sublimate.
  • Come in two designs black and white.
  • Made to be use at large scale in industry.
  • Work best with aqueous, pigmented and dye inks.
  • Nozzle may cause problem in firing colors.

Final Words

The best EchoTank that uses ink tanks to save inks and run for longer. The print quality is simply awesome with the compact size printer that is just suitable for running small business. As per its qualities it is best sublimation printer for beginners.


Epson Sure Color T-7270 Large Format Printer

It is designed for office use especially for engineers to meet daily demands. Epson SureColor T-7270 is designed to print your favourite designs in stunning quality with precision. The color contrast is outstanding with crisp text providing vivid colors.

The cartridges are of different size from 110ml to 700 ml to meet different printing volume demands with comparative low cost per page. The print quality is outstanding with high resolution of 2880 ×1440 dpi.

On the front of the printer control panel is present which has full size LCD screen for navigation with error checking lights and buttons for settings. There is also a basket which saves the print outs at it comes out of the printer.

It has USB and Ethernet connections for connecting with computers or smart devices.


  • It allows borderless printing of width upto 44”.
  • It uses Ultra Chrome XD ink for better results.
  • It handles with both, single and double media roll.
  • It takes short start up time
  • Epson Sure Color T-7072 has different cartridge size depending upon the demand.
  • It will not give satisfactory results with the usage of ordinary inks.

Final Words

Best all-in one printer allows borderless printing and is ideal for office use. The printing speed is considerably fast and prints with bright and vibrant colors. Dealing with single and double media roll helps in completing tasks in given time.


Epson SureColor T-2170 Wide Format Printer

All compact and fit to desktop printer is easy to set up and operates. This printer offers a number of convenient features. It is a roll printer so the paper is in the form of roll of size 24”×150 feet . It prints at very fast speed, A1/D size paper in just 43 seconds. It can deal with versatile media sizes; media rolls up to 24” wide and sheets up to 11” × 17”.

The cartridges are of large size so the ink in these cartridges run for longer time and prints a lot of images. The color ink is 50 ml and black ink is 85ml so these cartridges have high capacity of printing large volume in given times. The touch screen is 4.3” which helps a lot in easy navigation.

Precision droplets are controlled by Precision Core Micro TFP Printheads for extraordinary prints and vivid colors and outstanding clarity. Ultra-Chrome XD2 pigmented ink ensures instant dry prints right after printing. The precise sharp detail blue prints, fine line drawings and outstanding prints of posters make this printer the basis necessity of every office.

Like other Epson printers it works best with only Epson cartridges.Wireless and wired connections make it easy tp print from smart devices anywhere from the office.


  • Wide format printer upto 24” wide.
  • It uses Ultra Chrome XD2 pigmented ink.
  • Compact design fit on desktop.
  • Touch screen is of size 4.3”.
  • Ink cartridges carries 50ml color and 85ml black ink.
  • The printer is controlled by Precision Core Micro TFP print heads.
  • Position of router may affect the performance of the printer.
  • It works only with Epson ink cartridges.

Final Words

Printer is fast and prints quality is simply awesome. It is best for drawing architectural plots and the price is also in budget as compared to other wide format printers. It prints art work in outstanding way. Recommend this printer for one who is low in budget but want a fast speed printer with best quality wide format prints.


Final verdict for Best wide format Dye Sublimation Printers

Wide format dye sublimation printers are always in demand especially for professionals either architects or engineers. These are necessary for printing on large media especially graphic posters, sign boards, banners and fabric. So before making a choice first check your requirements and then compare it with the printer.

Today Epson printers are very common and they are performing the task very well within short time. These printers are cheap in price and can be easily handled. These are of different media sizes and different prices with compact design which can be easily set on desktop. These printers can be easily operated from anywhere in office by using wireless connections. So if you want to buy Epson Wide Format Dye Sublimation Printers then go for it without any hesitation. Also check best sublimation printer in 2022.

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