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9 Important Factors Before Buying a Printer

Buying a printer is always a big deal. We become confused while choosing a printer. We want to select a printer which performs multiple functions, work in speed, have compact design to fit in small place, easy to use and have low maintenance price. With these factors in mind it becomes very difficult to choose a best printer.


Followings are few factors which should be keep in mind while you are buying a printer to avoid any regret.

Inkjet or Laser Printer

Laser printers are high performance printers which prints outstanding prints within short time. That’s why they are always in demand. But laser printers need high maintenance price and also they are costly as compared to any inkjet printer. Inkjet printers use inks that dry instantly after prints but laser printers use color toners.

Also the cost per page of inkjet printer is low as compared to any laser printer. Now in market there are also inkjet printers which gives laser print quality prints and are saving a lot of money. Epson Sure Color printers are now available which work beyond expectations and gives some extraordinary results.


Now in market a variety of printers are present with different price ranges. Make a wise choice of printer which is in your budget. Also consider the type of ink it use. Some printers do not accept any third party inks and some time third party inks may damage the performance of the printer.

Secondly prefer the printer with re-fillable ink cartridges or ink tanks. Because if a printer have no room for re-filling then it costs you much more than your budget.

buying a printer

Third thing to consider is the maintenance cost of the printer. Some printers are low in price while buying but their maintenance cost ultimately disturbs your budget badly.


Type of the ink is the most important factor while buying a printer. Some printers works equally good with ordinary ink while some go for only brands ink and the printers get damaged if you forcefully use any ordinary ink. Quality of ink is also very important because the total impact of the print totally depends on the quality of ink. If you use low quality ink it may fade or do not print the image with desire shades so fully ruin the purpose of ink.

Also, when you are going to buy a printer check either it uses two ink cartridges from which one is black and other has the all in one color ink. While some printers have four cartridges one is black, other are cyan, magenta, and yellow.

ink of printer

Also keep in mind the type of business where you are going to use this printer. If you have to print text documents most of the time with few color images then go for two cartridges printer but if you have to use in your office where you have to print a bulk of color prints on different types of material either hard or soft, and also architectural maps and graphical posters then you can go for four color cartridge or ink tank printers.

ink refilling

Some printers use four color ink tanks that are re-fillable. Ink tanks are preferred because the ink costs less in these ink tanks and runs for a long time.

Printing Speed

Printing speed is the most important factor while choosing a printer because all of your business revolves around it. It seems very frustrating when you have to wait for long during the printing. A printer with high printing speed is always desirable. Printer with high speed is likely to fulfil you demand of printing a large volume of prints within short time period.

Media size and Type

When you are going to start a business you should be very clear which size of prints you are going to print and also the type of material you are going to print. Keeping in view your need, search the desired printer in market.


Print quality is very important to run your business successfully. Laser printers prints are outstanding and of best quality but they are expensive. The prints quality is affected by five important factors,the ink, printhead design, drive used in printer and resolution.

high resolution

Resolution is measured in dots per inch(dpi). The best resolution printers replicate the pixels of the image just like the real image. In market, printers with different resolution are available from 300×300 to 4800×2400.


Some printers offer only wired connection, you can connect to them only through USB port while others offer Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct and Ethernet connections. With wireless connections this become very easy for you to operate your printer anytime from anywhere.

wireless printer

 Now some printers have introduced Alexa command which makes hands free printing possible. Whereas some printers support Google Cloud Print and Apple Air Pint to bring an ease in the world of printing.

Printer Size

Different size of printers are available; portable, compact and large size printers for desktop. In small places compact size fits best while for office use desktop printers are best. But if you have to move frequently along with your printer then go for portable printers which are very easy to carry.

All-in-One Printer

Beside the printing function, some printers can scan, fax and copy from the same device. This saves a lot of your money if you need all of these functions. But if you need just printer and has nothing to do with other features then never buy an all-in-one printer. This is totally waste of money.

all-in-one printer

Conclusion for buying a printer

From above discussion, it becomes very easy to choose a printer. You have to calculate features which you expect from a printer and also positive and negative points of that printer. Have a complete look about the maintenance expenses of that printer, either they are in budget, or it costs much more than the original price of the printer.

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