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5 Best Inkjet Printers for Sublimation

In market there are several inkjet printers for sublimation. If you have an inkjet printer and you don’t want to buy a sublimation printer, you can use your inkjet printer as sublimation printer by converting it into sublimation printer.

Inkjet printers are widely used for printing papers. These printers use liquid ink which is printed on the top of the paper. The prints are bright and beautiful unless they are expose to the moisture. The moisture ruins the colors of the prints. Therefore, these prints are not used for creating long lasting images. Secondly these are used only on paper and are require time for drying before touching it.

Sublimation printers on the other hand us pigmented ink which upon heating changes into gas and infuse into the substrate making a strong bond. The sublimated images are long lasting and have a high resolution. The prints are dried, and you can touch these right after the printing, also these are resistant to water and do not fade if these have any contact with water. Therefore, these are preferred for best and long-lasting prints. A variety of media can be sublimated as it is not restricted to paper only, but the media must be made of polymer or have a layer of polyester on it.


In this article we will discuss best inkjet printers which can be used for the process of sublimation.


Epson EchoTank ET-3710

It is the best printer for some one who is looking for home or office use inkjet printer for sublimation. Being low in price but high in quality printing it is equally good for those who are going to start a new business, or they are already printing.

Brief Description

Epson EchoTank ET- 3710 is powered by Precision Core Technology which ensures quality printing. The ink tanks are used in it at the place of ink cartridges plus replacement set of ink which are capable of printing 7500 black and 6000 color pages. The use of ink tanks also minimizes the cost of ink tanks, and each ink tank has ink which can last for two years ensuring you to print fearlessly.

The setup is very easy and installs without creating any problem. The LCD screen is 2.4” which helps in easy navigation for printing the images. Front tray has the capacity of 150 sheets. The printer also allows scanning and copying feature and borderless printing.

Easy connections with the smart devices are also available including Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB. The more innovation is brought in the connection by adding voice activated Alexa printing which offers hands free and easy printing regardless of your position.


The highlighted features are:

  • Volume printing, itcan help you to complete task in given time as this printer is eligible of printing a high volume of papers in short time.
  •  All in one printer to facilitate you to scan and copy from the same machine, saving your time and money.
  •  Ink Tanks that consume 90% of less ink as compared to a cartridge printer and ink runs for two years.
  •  Wireless, Wired and Google Cloud Service helps you connect easily.
  •  Print quality is comparable to laser printer.

Final Words

This smart and space saving design is suitable for you home use and also for running small business where you have to print a number of images and have to face workload. Large size ink tanks and Precision Core Technology gives us professional level printing. Scanning is also of high resolution along the copying process. Our experts recommend this printer for its low price, high volume printing and compact size to be fit on any desktop.


Epson Work Force Pro WF-3820

If you want to bring an innovation in your business to higher level, then you have to buy Epson WorkForce proc WF-3820. It is best inkjet printer for sublimation and all in one printer providing you ease of printing, scanning, and copying.

The printer is cartridge free and comes with four basic colors. It has four super-sized ink tanks which can be easily re-filed and lasts for long-time providing ease of printing. The ink in replacement bottles is enough for two years and prints 7500 pages which is equal to 80 ink cartridges. Thus, it saves a lot of ink as compared to the cartridges. The printer comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Epson Work Force WF-3820 is powered by Precision Core Heat Free Technology to ensure high volume of printing in limited time with professional level prints. It is best to use for both home and office and gives you opportunity to increase your business.

It uses only Genuine Epson cartridges for better printing. It is strictly forbidden from Epson to use third party cartridges and if someone does it forcefully, they will not get desired results or even the printer may not function properly.Wired and built-in wireless connections are available to enhance your business and it offers feature which are user friendly for easy and streamlined printing.


The highlighted features are as follows:

  1. Precision Core Technology to ensure quality printing in given time.
  2. High volume printing to ensure complete task in short time. This printer is famous for its fast speed printing.
  3. Wireless connections provide you facility of printing image from your smart devices.
  4. DURABrite Ultra instant dry pigmented ink ensures best quality prints to meet the demands of awesome printing.
  5. Enhanced efficiency as it provides auto dual sided printing, and ADF of 35 sheets along the capacity of 250 sheets.
  6. 2.7 inches color display for easy navigation and control of the printer.
  7. Comprehensive securing feature for your safety which includes secure wireless connections and also Secure Data Erase.
  8. Epson ScanSmart App provides the scans with high resolution.

Final Words

Epson wf-3820 is equally beneficially for both home and office use and it will help you to grow your business by printing professional level printing. As it is specially designed to deal with high volume printing therefore experts refer this printer as meeting the demand of the printing  to satisfy the consumer is most important.

Epson et-2760

Epson EchoTank ET-2720

If you want to buy a printer which is compact in design, perfect in its performance and easy to use so that you and your family can operate it without any hesitation then you have to take a loo at Epson EchoTank ET-2720.


New designed Epson EchoTank is a perfect choice for a family with its ink tanks. The ink is enough to run for two years and can print 7500 black and 6000 color images. The ink saving is up to 90% which saves a lot of money and also lowers the wastage of cartridges to landfills.

Modern connectivity helps you to connect with your phones and laptops to print the images you want. It has Unique Micro Piezo Technology for guarantee to print best quality images in short time.


  1. Cartridge free printing with the help of ink tanks. The ink in ink tanks is enough to run for two years.
  2. Prints are very bright and of impressive quality and takes little time to print your desired images. Unique Micro Piezo technology gives impressive quality images and sharp text.
  3. Easy re-filling with less wastage of ink as ink bottles are design in such a way to reduce any wastage of ink.
  4. High resolution prints comparable to any laser printers.
  5. High resolution scanning with flatbed scanner and the color display for easy navigation and control during the copying process.
  6. Modern connectivity which enables to connect with smart devices to print the design you want.

Final Words

It is a perfect printer for home use because of its easy setup to be operated easily. So if you are new to sublimation or a student and you have to print images often this printer is for you with its reasonable price and amazing features.  


Epson Work Force WF-2830

The small compact design printer which is perfect for small business with easy setup. With the wireless connection you can easily connect your phones and tablets for easy and fast printing.

The printer prints at fast speed as 10.3 ISO ppm in black and 4.5 ISO ppm in color. This small and compact design printer is ideal for your desktop leaving space for other accessories also. It uses only genuine ink cartridges by Epson and may not work properly if any other cartridges is forcefully installed in it.

It offers auto two-sided printing which saves money and paper and 100-sheets paper tray, with auto document feeder of 3o sheets capacity for easy scanning and copy. The color LCD is 1.5” which is used for navigation.

It uses pigmented Black Claria ink for producing best and crisp black prints along high-level documents, proposals and graphics. The most interesting feature is vice activated Alexa which allows you handsfree printing from anywhere. The printer comes with the warranty of two years and full tech support.


  1. Genuine ink cartridges are used for high quality prints.
  2. Easy set up with full support of Epson tech.
  3. Wireless feature for easy connection with mobile phones and tablets providing trouble free printing.
  4. 100 sheets paper capacity for continuous work without any difficulty.
  5. Auto dual sided printing saves up to 50% of the paper.
  6. 1.5 inches color LCD for easy navigation.
  7. Voice activated Alexa for handsfree printing.

Final Words

This is great printer at affordable price which yields high quality images in short time. It is very easy to convert it to sublimation where it works perfectly. It is best all in one printer to use for small office or home business.


Epson EchoTank ET-4850

This printer provides you quality prints and is able to deal with high volume printing. Epson EchoTank ET-4850 delivers fastest printing in less time and is ideal to use in office and home.

Epson EchoTank ET-4850 works great for different media sizes and types. It is considered as best inkjet printer for sublimation and is widely used for the purpose.

Precision Core Heat Free Technology ensures quality prints which runs for long time without having any effect of water and also do not fade with the passage of time. Cartridges free printing is very attractive feature as it saves almost 90% pf the ink as compared to any cartridge sprinter plus re-filling of ink tanks is also mess free. The ink is enough to run for two years.

It offers high productivity by offering paper tray of 250 sheets with auto document feeder and auto dual sided printing which saves a lot of time. Yu don’t need to flip the paper rather you sit on place. command the printer through wireless connections and get you design printed on your favorite substrates.

The printer comes with the warranty of two years after registration, and it also includes full unit replacement.


  • Cartridges free printing.
  • Saves a lot of ink.
  • Printing without any disturbance.
  • Unique Precision Core Heat Free Technology for quality prints.
  • 250-sheets paper tray for non-stop printing.
  • Built in copying and scanning feature.
  • Wireless connections for ease of printing.

Final Words

A printer with easy set up and amazing features which saves a lot of money on ink. Printing from mobile or tablet is very easy, documents printing is awesome, and it also works quickly. We recommend this printer because of its ink saving feature along quality prints and trouble free auto dual sided printing with 18 pages printing in one minute.

real image of Epson et-4850

Why chose Epson Inkjet Printers for Sublimation?

Followings are a few points which makes the buyers to select Epson printers over other printers.

  1. Printers with thermal printheads are not suitable for sublimation while the printers with Micro Piezo Technology can be used for sublimation. That’s why any other inkjet printer except Epson is not suitable for sublimation.
  2.  Epson printers are cheap in price as compared to any other printer.
  3. The performance of Epson printers is comparable to the Laser printer.
  4. Epson provides 24/7 Tech support.
  5. The set up of Epson printers is very easy and installed without creating any problem.
  6. It is very easy to convert Epson inkjet printers to sublimation. The print results are awesome.

Final words

It is suggested by experts to chose Epson printers, ET-2720 and ET-3820 as these printers are less in price and give you professional level results in printing. Scanning and copying are additional features which make these printers more attractive. Epson inkjet printers for sublimation yield images just like the printers which are especially made for sublimation. Therefore it is recommended to use Epson inkjet printers for the purpose.

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