Top 5 of Best Sublimation Printers for T-shirt

Starting a new business is always attention required attribute. Yoh have to search a lot before starting it. You have to learn all the aspects to make it successful and earn for long. Now sublimating t-shirts is gaining repute and is easy to start even if you have a regular printer at home.

Best sublimation printers for t-shirt are those one which deliver long lasting images with quality prints in short time. Sublimation on t-shirts is preferred as compared to any other printing because in sublimation the pigmented ink is changed into gas vapors and upon heating it merged into the fabric and become solid again.

In this process of printing the ink prints are infused into the fabric so the bonding is very strong. It is water resistant so it will not get scratches or crack after multiple uses and do not fade even if you wash it in machine. In this way, you can use your favorite shirts for long time.

The ink used in sublimation is not regular ink. You must buy special ink made for sublimation and can easily convert your regular printer into sublimation one. But if you are new to sublimation and want to buy a new sublimation printer then here in this article, we will discuss about best sublimation printers for t-shirt, their advantages over other printers, price and features which make the printer special as compared to other printers available in the market.


Sawgrass Virtuoso SG-500

Sawgrass Virtuoso SG-500 is among the best sublimation printers for t-shirts. It is modern version of SG-400 with more advancement in technology. The size and shape of the printer is similar to SG-400 but it has more advanced technology.

Moreover, it is compatible with the accessories of SG-400, the by-pas tray of SG-400 can be used in it.


  • The main features are listed below.
  • It can deal with different types of media and different sizes up to 11× 14.
  • It works equally good on mobile covers, tea coasters, medals and awards.
  • Energy efficient printer which saves much energy as compared to laser printer.
  • The prints are comparable to laser prints in quality.
  • The resolution is high
  • It offers both wired and wireless connections so that you can easily connect with your mart devices.
  • It works only with sublimation ink.
  • You can customize any artwork on your favorite substrate easily which is also long lasting.
  • It also consumes less ink so saving ink will automatically saves your money.
  • Auto maintenance cycle cleans the printer thus it prevents ink to clogged the nozzles.
  • You can also customize the size of ink cartridges with the help of installation kit.

Final Words

As per features, the self-maintenance is the most interesting one, most reliable printer with full tech support helps you to sublimate without any difficulty. It is recommended by the experts because of its quality prints, energy saving and  high resolution on any sort of substrate.


Epson EchoTank ET- 4850

Epson printers are known widely for their impressive prints. These printers are powered by Precision Core Technology which gives quality prints in short time. These printers can print a volume of images in given time, enabling you to complete your task in given time thus help you in expanding your business.

Among Epson printers, EchoTank ET-4850 gives beyond expectation prints of high resolution consuming less ink. Conventional ink cartridges are not used in these printers, instead ink tanks are used. The ink tanks can store large amount of ink as compared to ink cartridges.

The ink tanks are re-fillable, and it can be done without wasting a single drop of ink. The ink tanks are design in such a way that they can fit on to the ink bottle perfectly and when ink tanks are full the ink stops automatically.

It also offers auto double-sided printing which reduce the paper consumption up to 50%, have the ADF and front tray with the paper sheet capacity of 250-sheets. It also offers flatbed scanner of high resolution and the touch screen of 2.4” for easy control and navigation on printer.

Final Words

It has wireless connection for easily connect to the smart devices. Also, the printer comes with the warrant of two years. It works best if you use Genuine Epson inks, malfunctioning of the printer due to use of third-party ink does not come in the warranty.  


Epson ET-15000

Epson printer which is a wise choice for new user as well as professionals who are using printers for a long time. It is the most cost-effective printer with impressive prints with accurate dot placement and wastes less ink. It can save ink up to 90% as compared to any printer using cartridge ink.

The prints as mentioned earlies are of professional level enabling you to start your t-shirt sublimation business without any hesitation or fear.


Main features are;

  • EchoTank printer with more ink capacity
  • The ink is enough to run for two years
  • Auto dual sided printing providing ease of work
  • Wireless connections with Alexa command
  • 2.7” color display screen for easy navigation
  • The paper tray with capacity of 250 sheets, rear feed tray with 20 sheets
  • Easy setup is totally automatic for Android and iPhones
  • It is compatible with Mopria and Air print apps
  • It can deal with media up to size of 13 ×19″ and can scan up to 8.5 ×11

Final Words

It is perfect sublimation printer for those who wants incredible prints with amazing ink tanks, in short time and gives guaranteed best colors optimization. It can handle load of printing and is equally good for professionals, small home business as well as for students because of its easy set up and simple steps to follow during printing. It is choice of people who want all in one printer.


Epson WorkForce Pro WF-7840

Epson WF-7840 is all in one printer which is designed to use in office as well as for enhancing your home business. You can easily increase the productivity of t-shirt sublimation by using this printer as it can deal with loads of printing. Being the ultra-fast printer.

Epson WF-7840 works with high resolution that is 4800× 2400 that ensures accurate dot placement along the prints with professional level results. The printing speed is fast as it can print 25 ISO pages in black and 12 ppm in color. It is very easy to use with simple setup and simplified features


The highlighted features include

  • Wide format printing up to 13× 19
  • It delivers sharp professional prints
  • Powered by Precision Core Heat Free Technology to promote vivid color prints
  • DuraBrite Ultra ink is used to ensure the best quality prints
  • ADF can hold 35 sheets
  • Auto double-sided printing along copy, scan and fax features
  • Front tray with 500 sheets and rear feed tray with 50 sheets capacity
  • 4.3” color display for easy navigation and control of the printer
  • Secure features like wireless and Alexa control

Final Words

From above mentioned features we can say that it can work for multiple purposes with simple features and easy navigation through touch screen. WF-7840 is used by professionals to obtain best prints in given time.  In our opinion it is best printer for t-shirt sublimation as per its qualities describe above.

espon 2720 sublimation printer

Epson EchoTank ET-2720 All In One Printer

If you are going to start t-shirt sublimation and want a printer which is compact in size, affordable and works with d=fast speed, then Epson EchoTank ET-2720 is best printer for you. The printer has new feature of being cartridge free.

Ink tanks are used at the place of cartridges and gives extra performance as compared to cartridges. The ink tanks consume less ink and also the ink is enough to run for 2 years. The ink is enough to print 4500 black and 7000 color pages which is equal to 80 individual ink cartridges. Thus, along saving the ink it also reduces the wastage of ink cartridges to landfills.

The printer comes with the warranty of two years after registration and full tech support. Moreover Epson strongly recommend the use of genuine Epson inks for best performance of the printer. The printer may nOt work properly or cease working if any other ink is used in the printer.


  • Ink tanks are used.
  • Ink tanks save 80% of the ink
  • Unique Micro Piezo Technology is used to ensure sharp text and bright color images
  • Wireless connection with Alexa command
  • Easy set up and for navigation display screen of 2.4” is available
  • Impressive prints on any sort of paper

Final Words

From above mentioned features we can say that Epson ET-2720 is best printer for family use and also to start t-shirt sublimation printing. The setup is easy and full tech support is provided to deal with any sort of mismanagement. As it prints at fast speed so it will help you to enhance your business of t-shirt sublimation by completing the task in time.


Factors to consider before buying a Sublimation Printer

Buying a sublimation printer is not an easy task. You have to investigate multiple factors for making a wise choice. The best printer should be in budget as well as best in performance. Below are some of the important factors which you should consider when you go for buying a printer.


The price of the printer is very important. You have a budget and have to buy the printer without disturbing the budget. Then search for the printer which is low in price but high in performance.


The most important factor is the size of the media a printer can handle. For sublimating t-shirt, you have different designs which are of different sizes.  A best printer should deal with multiple media sizes.


Resolution of the printer decides the quality of the prints. If you want high quality images, you have to buy printer with high resolution. The resolution is measured in dots per inches.

Media type

A best printer can deal with different media types from soft fabric to hard tiles and yield outstanding results.


Your total business depends on the sped. If the printer is not capable of printing at fast speed you will not complete your order in time resulting in your bad impression towards your client. So always consider the printers with high speed to expand your business.


Mostly in sublimation printers pigmented ink is used which infuse into the fabric and makes strong bonds. The prints are long lasting and do not fade even after machine wash.

Summary of Best Sublimation Printers for t-shirt

Here we have described multiple factors which are very important for buying a printer. In market different sublimation printers with different prices are available but you have to buy a printer which is not much costly but print a speed with awesome results.

In our opinion Epson printers meet the demands as they are budget friendly and yield quality prints in short time. Epson EchoTank ET-2720 is best among them because it prints at considerably high speed and it is also cost effective printer.

For further guidelines you can read best way of t-shirt sublimation and best sublimation printers for dark t-shirts.

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